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Nov 12, 2022
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About Affairs 3D

Although it is a popular trend to have a love affair, it is not a good idea. Every youngster in the world is now having sex with someone of the opposite gender. Women and men are not exempt, and even the elderly can become sugar daddy and mammies. Lies have always affected relationships, and most of these cases led to a child being born outside of the couple’s control.

affairs 3d mod apk download latest version for android
affairs 3d mod apk download latest version for android

This game combines all of this with exciting gameplay. You can lie to your partner, escape from being caught, and even get away with other people’s boyfriends and girlfriends! Alictus developed the game and it is currently being used by more than 100, 000 gamers around the world. This game lets you determine if someone is the biological father of a child. Without having to learn the skills at school, you can become a DNA specialist! The Affairs 3D game will help you improve your lying skills, and prevent being dumped!

Be the greatest liar of all time

Affairs 3D offers a unique gameplay experience that will allow you to improve your lying skills. You are in a relationship and looking out for hot girls. You can have an affair, but you won’t be caught. This is the fun part! You can break your vows to your partner in many situations. You can chat with your side girl when you go out with your girlfriend.

affairs 3d mod apk download latest version for android
affairs 3d mod apk download latest version for android

Another game story involves selecting the rightful parent for the child using the description provided on the interface. You can choose the father or mother of the child and decide who you should be. A description is given that identifies the commonalities between the child’s DNA and that of the parent. The game interface allows you to choose the right response and determine if your child’s DNA matches the parent’s. Get Affairs 3D to become the greatest liar ever!

Features of Affairs 3D

affairs 3d mod apk download latest version for android
affairs 3d mod apk download latest version for android

One of the most downloaded Casual games on Android is the Affairs 3D silly secret game. It is unique in its features. This free, cool game is well worth installing on your smartphone. These are the features of this game.

Thrilling This game lets you flirt with girls and lie to your girlfriend. You must make sure your spouse doesn’t find out that you are interested in a love affair. You will be reprimanded! To determine if you are the father or mother of the child, you will need to take a DNA test. You will be able to access all information about the parents on your file. You will eagerly wait to see negative results, even if you aren’t the real parent.

You will also be a sugar daddy, and you will drag girls away from their boyfriends. You will be able to shower girls with love notes and money won’t be an issue. You can also play the role of a sugar mama and seduce handsome men from their women. Love is a flying thing once girls have enough money. There are love images all around the game. You can make more money if you take more girls!

Mini-Games There are many mini-games to make this game even more fun. You will be required to take part in a DNA test and hide from your husband. The mini-game where the character must escape from a house where he has slept with another woman’s girl is a standout. A level allows the character to be put on a truth meter that detects lies and then electrocutes them if you tell the truth!

Compatible with Windows PC – If you want to play this game on your computer, don’t worry. The game can be installed on Android and iOS devices. However, it is compatible with Windows PC. You have many options to download and install the app on your computer. To make the process easier, you can install an emulator app to your computer.

Simple Interface The game interface is easy for gamers to use. The interface clearly displays the action choices and answers. This makes it more fun and easy to play.

affairs 3d mod apk download latest version for android
affairs 3d mod apk download latest version for android

Age Restrictions – Although this game is very entertaining, it’s not recommended that you try to replicate the gameplay in real life. This will make your love miserable and cause you to lose your partner’s emotions. Only adults can install the game and should play it. Google Play Store actually has an age limit for this app.

Simple 3D Graphics The game features 3D graphics that are simple and make the environment and movements seem more real. There is no lag, slow motion or delayed reflexes. Everything runs smoothly thanks to the graphics!

Download the Latest Version of Affairs 3D Mod APK

The Mod APK for Affairs 3D Mod APK is just like any other Mod APK. It has many modifications that make it more fun. Enjoy the free download of the Affairs 3D Mod Apk.

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