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Are you ready for a super fun run race? Blob Runner 3D will be your favorite runner of all times!
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Nov 11, 2022
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About Blob Runner 3D

Obscure races and slimes would appear like a strange combination of elements for a game that is mobile. That’s precisely that’s what Rollic Games did when they released Blob Runner 3D! It’s a game that precisely what it sounds like. You’ll run as a slime, in the form of a human, on the course, which is filled with various obstacles. Be aware that you’ll shrink and grow as you go through various obstacles.

blob runner 3d mod apk
blob runner 3d mod apk

In this game, you can find many levels you can conquer. There are a variety of obstacles in your way , such as lines, spikes and other rolling obstacles. It is also possible to grow by collecting more slimes on the path. In addition, you’ll need to gather red diamonds in order to unlock new costumes! There are plenty of exciting things you can do here.

Run as a Slime

In the past there has been numerous trends that have come and gone. One of them is slimes! The public would share videos of their own creations of different kinds of slimes and receive thousands of likes and views. In this post, we’ll present a mobile game which includes slimes as well as obstacles courses! Blob 3D Runner is a truly unique running game you must download now.

blob runner 3d apk latest version
blob runner 3d apk latest version

You’ll have to race as slime that resembles an individual human on various obstacles. Each course has a variety of difficult obstacles that you have to over come. There are obstacles at every corner and lane, and you have to be sure to hold the most slime you can. If you can do this you will be rewarded with more at the final game! Apart from that you’ll be able to unlock hats and skins that will make your slime appearance more appealing. Are you ready to have fun playing the slime game now?

Features of Blob Runner 3D

Are you looking to become slime runner? Blob Runner 3D could be the most fun game you can play right now. What can you anticipate from this exciting game.

Experience the thrill of a slime-humanSlime is an in and out of fashion for the last few years. If you’re still fascinated by these creatures and want to install Blob Runner 3D now. The game features slimes as the primary player. The slimes will be who is shaped as a human playing through various obstacles created for you by this game. There’s a myriad of thrilling ways to play this game that will prove its popularity, with more than half one million downloads this moment. You can play as a slime and sprint towards the finish line today!

blob runner 3d apk free download
blob runner 3d apk free download

Explore a myriad of levelsIn the game you’ll need to conquer at least a dozen levels. Each level has a variety of obstacles to overcome. There are chainsaws, spinning lines walls, chainsaws, and many more. Then you’ll hop on a trampoline , and then onto the slime register to determine the amount of slime left. However, you must be aware that the obstacles could remove some of your slime. But, you are able to recover them if you don’t completely destroy. There are many slimes to be found throughout the game, and diamonds. You should try at collecting as many of them as you can to receive plenty of prizes at the final game.

Rewards –You’ll get to collect lots of diamonds and rewards at the end of the game . The more slime that you have in your skin. This is the goal of this game. You’ll not only be expected to get by, but to do it well in addition.

download blob runner 3d apk for android
download blob runner 3d apk for android

Unlock hats and skins The gameBlob Runner 3D lets users unlock various kinds of hats and skins. You can transform into a black slime or even a Gummy Bear! Also, there are fancy hats available to select from like the gentleman’s hat as well as an Irish” the hat, a cowboy or a graduation hat the Christmas hat and other. Diamonds can be redeemed through watching videos!

Graphics and gameplay that are smooth Graphics and gameplayBlob 3D Runner is an excellent game with good graphics and a fluid gameplay. The obstacles were created to challenge players and everything runs smoothly. The slime animation is authentic too!

Download Blob Runner 3D Mod APK – Latest version

Do you love slimes and running? Get Blob Runner 3D right now and have fun running like slime.

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