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Upgrade your characteristics and become more and more destructive!
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Oct 23, 2022
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About Bucket Crusher

Bucket Crusher Mod APK (Unlimited Money, MOD Menu): Bucket Crusher is a free simulation game created by VOODOO. It features simple graphics and very simple gameplay, which is ideal for anyone, even kids.

It is a game where you have to crush the most bricks you can with bucket crushers. The game is very addicting and has a variety of levels to complete.

If you are looking for a game that can aid in relaxing and passing the time then Bucket Crusher can be a ideal option. It’s compatible for Android 5.0 (and higher) devices.

A relaxing and enjoyable game

The game does not have an intricate gameplay. In each level, you’ll be presented with a variety of bricks to eliminate.

bucket crusher mod apk
bucket crusher mod apk

The game starts with small brick walls. As you advance levels, they will become harder as you add more bricks. It’s a relaxing game and helps you unwind after a tiring day. There aren’t any time limits and you are free to play at your own pace and take pleasure in the game.

But, you could be running out of fuel that will stop the game. To prevent this from happening you should regularly replenish your fuel by purchasing gas cans. Be sure to get the fuel levels up to speed so that you save money on fuel.

Earn Coins

The game is played in a manner where you can earn coins while breaking bricks at the same time. As the bricks pile up and you collect them, you can use your bucket to remove them through a hole and they’ll transform into coins!

More bricks that you take down greater are the coins that you collect. These coins can be used to buy different improvements and other items within the game.

bucket crusher mod apk unlimited money
bucket crusher mod apk unlimited money

Always make sure that you make as much money as you can in order to make progress within the game. Also, don’t forget purchase upgrades! They can be beneficial in the long run.

Powerful Upgrades!

There are various improvements available to Bucket Crusher each one offering its own benefits. You can buy them with the coins you earn from destroying bricks.

A few of the improvements include:

  • The length of the Crane

The size of your crane determines the distance you can go in order to remove bricks. A bigger crane means you will be able to destroy more bricks , and make more coins.

In addition the walls’ heights will rise as you advance in the game, and an extended crane will be needed to climb to the highest point. Additionally, you can make use of the crane to cover the entire structure and reduce it in just a few minutes! This is the secret to success with Bucket Crusher.

  • Bucket Size

The size of the bucket will increase as you progress through the game. A bigger bucket means you can take down more bricks in one go and make more coins.

bucket crusher mod apk download
bucket crusher mod apk download

A larger bucket always is better however, it comes with the cost of. You’ll need to use greater amounts of fuel in order to transport the larger bucket, therefore be aware of the fuel you have available.

  • Fuel Tank

The tank that you fill with fuel can be upgraded so that it holds more fuel. This is crucial if you intend to play for a longer period of time with no shortage of fuel.

The bigger tank for fuel will allow you to save money, since you won’t need to buy gasoline cans as frequently.

  • Crane Speed

The speed of the crane is raised to make the game more thrilling. If you feel the game is too easy, then you can raise the speed to make it more difficult.

Additionally, a more efficient crane allows you to smash more bricks and gain more coins. This will allow you to advance quickly through the game and unlock new levels.

Unlock features using in-game purchases

Removing walls and other structures should be easy. If you make the correct modifications, you’ll be able to gain speed in your game.

If you’d like to speed up your the time you spend, make use of real money to buy in-game things that can aid in the destruction of more bricks and earn coins. These items are extremely accessible, as they are priced at $2.99 for each item.

bucket crusher mod apk latest version
bucket crusher mod apk latest version

They can be used to purchase gas, oil cans as well as other upgrades. The in-game purchases provide the most secure way to win on the field.

Other remarkable features in Bucket Crusher APK

  • Advanced User Experience. This game features an easy user interface, which guarantees the best user experience. The controls are easy to use and anyone is able to master these controls in no time.
  • Simple Graphics. The graphics are of top quality, making the game more thrilling. In addition, the music is amazing, and keep you engaged in the gaming for long hours.
  • regular updates. The developers often release updates to keep the game exciting. Updates to levels, items, and other features are frequently added to enhance the experience of players.
  • Realism game Physics. This game is based upon real-life Physics. The game will show the bucket spinning as well as falling bricks and the coins while you play. Also, you will observe that the size of your crane grow and, at times you’ll need to expend more energy in order to take down the wall.

Bucket Crusher MOD APK Download

If you’re looking to play the game to its fullest it is recommended to get this version of Bucket Crusher MOD APK for Android. The Bucket Crusher MOD version includes the following distinct features:

  • Bucket Crusher MOD APK Unlimited Coins. The game’s virtual currency is able to be used to purchase all in-game items. There is an unlimited amount of coins, which will help you advance quickly through the game.
bucket crusher mod apk for android
bucket crusher mod apk for android
  • Bucket Crusher MOD APK no ads. The modded version eliminates annoying ads which allows you to focus all your energy on the task at hand. In this way, you’ll be able to complete your tasks quicker.
  • Bucket Crusher MOD APK Unlimited Fuel. The fuel tank is now upgraded to store unlimitable amounts of fuel. There’s no need to worry about running out oil while playing.
  • Bucket Crusher MOD APK Anti-Ban. The game is safe to play and your account won’t be banned from playing it.


Bucket Crusher is an excellent simulation game that demands players to utilize their skills to break down walls and win rewards. It is simple to play and is suitable for everyone of any age.

The graphics are of top quality, and the sound effects are equally engaging. You can play this game for hours, without becoming bored.


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