CODE:SEED 星火之歌 T.0.8.96(2012142042) APK MOD Download ( UNLIMITED MONEY )

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CODE:SEED 星火之歌 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download Latest for Android 

CODE:SEED 星火之歌 mod APK is a modified version of. In this game, you can play with unlimited gems, Gold, and Elixir. It is a free and multiplayer playing game on the internet. In this game, you can make More Fun With this high-tech and VIP GUI ( graphical user interface) And Other Game features. With the increase in level, you have new recourses and characters. These thrilling features make the game interesting.

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About the APP CODE:SEED 星火之歌 latest version (Unlimited Everything)


Game Title : CODE:SEED 星火之歌
Rating / Vote : 5189
MOD Offered By : From there Respective Dev
Added Date : December 18, 2020
Installs : 100,000+
Category : Card
Requirement : 4.2 and up
Packeg ID : com.ecp.xhzgtw

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How to install CODE:SEED 星火之歌 MOD APK file?

  1. Install downloaded ( CODE:SEED 星火之歌 ) APK file
  2. Extract and copy folder “ com.ecp.xhzgtw ” to “Android/Obb/”
  3. Start the app and enjoy
  4. All Done


    • CODE:SEED 星火之歌 added new version for android
    • Modded link update also fix error
    • New mod Premium features added
    • New App Update
    • Bug Fixed



為了對抗喪屍,神啟集團的研究人員嘗試研究喪屍的變異細胞,並生產了特殊的基因改造藥劑來改造人體。被改造者獲得超常的戰鬥力和對喪屍感染的免疫力,而這些被改造者便被稱為 ———— 『種 火』種火戰士們被派往各地,成功幫助人們建立了數個安全區,但為了爭奪有限的資源,各個安全區之間鉤心鬥角……










凱撒 CV斎藤千和
愛迪生 CV上阪すみれ
諾貝爾 CV水桐けいと
貝奧武夫 CV悠木碧
齊格弗裡德 CV白椛ひとみ
蘭斯洛特 CV小清水亜美
德川家康 CV井上麻裡奈
姜尚 CV藤沢れいか
拿破崙 CV日高裡菜
薛定諤 CV平出まどか
奧德修斯 CV植田佳奈
伽利略 CV金元壽子
赫拉克勒斯 CV石川由依
牛頓 CV日高裡菜
特斯拉 CV安野希世乃

請注意遊戲時間,不可沉迷遊戲唷 In AD2080, humans discovered a moonstone that emits sporadic radiation. In the following years, a large number of moonstones were secretly placed around the world, and countless human beings were mutated into zombies, and the virus produced by radiation in zombies. Infecting more humans, the crisis spreads rapidly… Under the crisis, human society has collapsed and the world has fallen into chaos.

      In order to fight the zombies, the researchers of the Shenqi Group tried to study the mutant cells of the zombies and produced special genetic modification agents to transform the human body. The revamped people gained extraordinary combat power and immunity to zombie infections, and these revamped people were called ———— “Caohuo” fire fighters were dispatched to various places, successfully helping people to establish several safe areas. But in order to compete for limited resources, the corners between the various safe areas…

The cause of the crisis is still hidden behind the dark curtain…

【game introduction】

 “To understand your partners, commander”

“Fish Warriors” are all girls who have undergone genetic modification by Shenqi Company. They each have unique super powers. They are the reliance of your survival in the last days. They are partners against zombies. Don’t forget these and other daily battles and training. The girls are raising their feelings. Maybe you can understand the stories they don’t know.

 “Working hard, commander, welcome back”

In order to cope with the complicated situation at the end of the day, the commander needs to improve the comprehensive strength of the camp, clean up the surrounding areas, establish a protection system, a resource collection system, and various cutting-edge equipment to help the fire fighters improve their strength. With the help of these equipments. Train them, improve their abilities, enhance their combat effectiveness, and resist the invasion of zombies.

 “Commander, we are ready to go.”

In the process of foreign expedition, you will encounter a forked road. Each road will encounter different events. Every time you explore the outer region, you need to end the leader of the area before you can go home safely. It is not afraid of the corpse force to break through, or to avoid most of the zombies to take the leader, it depends on your choice.

 “The battle is over, let’s go to the commander! Destroy them!”

As a commander, you must be familiar with the characteristics of each kind of fire fighter. Each fire fighter has three different morphological skills. Sliding connection skill icons can be used to fight, and the skills that are released according to the battlefield situation and skill effects are the key to the battle victory. The more skill icons that are connected at the same time, the greater the power and effect of the skills. Commander, are you confident to lead us to victory?
[well-known CV dubbing]
Caesar CV 斎藤千和
Edison CV on Hankow
Nobel CV Shui Tong
Beowulf CV You Mubi
Siegfried CV White Pelican
Lancelot CV Xiaoshui is beautiful
Tokugawa Ieyasu CV Inoue Marina
Jiang Shang CV Fujisawa
Napoleon CV Rigouli
Schrödinger CV
Odysseus CV Ueda Kana
Galileo CV Jin Yuan Shouzi
Hercules CV Ishikawa Yuyi
Newton CV Rigouli
Tesla CV Anno Hiroshi

[Official information]
“CODE: SEED Sparks” official website reservation page:
“CODE: SEED Sparks” Facebook official fan page:
–Please note–
This game requires internet connection
This game is free to use, and the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items.
Please pay attention to the game time, not addicted to the game唷



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