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The best COLORING GAME! Find the color of the object by mixing the colors.
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Nov 11, 2022
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About Color Match

Color Match is a puzzle game that requires precision and quickness to perform your moves as if you are. It has vibrant graphics that provide an appealing UI that will ensure that you are looking forward to the next game.


The game, created by Oleg Filimonov offers fifteen levels, each of which has distinct challenges. This means that you’ll enjoy a new gaming experience each time you access the game.

If you’d like to stimulate your brain in the comfort of your home it is recommended that you download Color Match Game for Android today. Color Match Game for Android now. It’s light and suitable to all 4.0 and above Android devices.

An Exceptionally Immersive Gameplay

Color Match APK Color Match APK features highly exciting gameplay. It requires you to construct rows of blocks that match in identical colors.

It isn’t an easy job since they are prone to falling at high speed. Here are some guidelines you can use to improve your chances of winning:

  • It is possible to combine three blocks with identical color to get rid of them.
  • It is essential to place the blocks in a strategic manner to maximize your points.
  • When you eliminate groups of similar colors and colors, you’ll be awarded hefty rewards.
  • You get one point for every block that falls into the square in the middle.

In addition, the game comes with various power-ups you can activate at brief intervals. This includes the color bomb which eliminates all blocks with identical color, and the rocket which snatches adjacent cubes upon touching it.


With this powerful power-up available it is certain that you’ll have a good chance of winning with this game. You’ll also earn coins each time you solve the puzzles. They can then be used to unlock more game features to give you more enjoyment game play.

Move Balls Anywhere!

If you’ve played games of color match in arcades and you’ve figured out the games do not allow certain movements, thereby making the game more difficult.

Fortunately, the Color Match APK by Oleg Filimonov lets you move the ball around freely. This new gameplay feature helps you plan your moves and also to plan your moves.

Unconventional Controls

The game has three options for controlling the game. You can tap an area of the game to make them move around or drag them any location you like, or use your fingers to switch two adjacent blocks at once.

The two last controls are the most beneficial since they are precise. Furthermore, you are able to stop the game with the help of the spacebar.

Admirable Graphics and Sound Effects

The images in Color Match APK are colorful and appealing. They’re also retina-ready which means that they’ll look amazing even on high-resolution devices.


The game comes with an immersive soundtrack as well as sound effects. The music is soothing and can aid in relaxing while you play.

Unlock Special Abilities to Spice up the Gameplay

As you progress through the game, you’ll gain new abilities to help make your gaming more thrilling. They include the ability:

  • Destroy One Ball. This lets you smash one ball in a flash. It is easier to create color combinations.
  • Destroy Two Balls at Once. This feature lets you eliminate two balls from the field of play when they are matched which makes removing sets of ball much more easily.
  • Get a Color Bomb. This feature allows you to remove the same color from three groups in three rows. This makes it much easier to be successful.
  • Dismantle 3×3 Cubes of Blasts. This gives you nine balls to smash three-by-three cubes of ball on the table. This is a great skill to help you succeed in this challenging arcade game.
  • Change the direction of falling Balls. This feature is useful when you’re faced with a challenging combo and time is getting short. This feature also assists in avoiding the last minute failure.
  • Change the Color of Your Balls Randomly. This feature lets you to mix the colors of the playing field, and gives you an advantage over your opponents.

These enhancements and features make playing more challenging and thrilling. They also allow you to earn more points and reward points.

Different levels and unique challenges

The game has 15 levels, and every level is unique. Additionally, you will encounter difficult obstacles you have to overtake to win.

The more you progress higher, the more difficult the tasks become. This means that you’re always challenged and never become bored of the game.


Additionally Levels 13-15 permit players to play in this mode for free. This means that you are able to violate any rules by altering numbers of balls within the line up to a maximum number of 5.

A Well-Designed Menu for Optimal Navigation

The game is well-designed with a menu which is easy to navigate. It’s easy to access all of the game’s features via its main menu.

You can also alter the game to suit your preference. A few options include changing the control scheme as well as making use of the no-cost mode.

Download Color Match MOD APK for Android Today!

The modified version of the game comes with all the features found in the original game and more. Its special features include:

  • Color Match MOD Unlimited APK. This version gives unlimited money to purchase every power-up and upgrade within the game.
  • Color Match MOD APK Unlimited balls. This version gives players an unlimited amount of balls, allowing you to play the game with no limitations.
  • Color Match MOD APK No Ads. This version eliminates all advertisements from the game, giving you a an uninhibited experience.
  • All levels unlocked. The Color Match MOD APK for free download lets you play all levels in the game without unlocking the levels first.

Overall, the mod can provide you with the best experience engaging in the sport. It will give you an advantage over your rivals and will make it easier for you to win.


Color Match is an exciting informal puzzle game that will enjoy playing. It comes with high-quality graphics and audio effects that are well-designed and a well-organized user interface to ensure optimal navigation.

Color Match MOD APK free download provides unique benefits that make the game more challenging, fun and fun gamers of different levels. If you’d like to test a brand new game for casual play with a twist, download Color Match MOD APK free download today. Color Match MOD APK free download now.

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