Cooking Madness Mod APK 2.3.5 (Unlimited diamonds, energy)

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The Art of Cooking Madness

Download Cooking Madness Mod APK (Unlimited diamonds, energy): ZenLife Games Ltd. offers a simulation of business called Cooking Madness. This simulation tests your customer service skills, culinary skills, and, most importantly, your speed. Customers must be served before they become impatient and leave the restaurant.

It all starts with a small restaurant, a few customers and some capital. You can earn money by upgrading your restaurant, buying new equipment and hiring more staff. There are many options for opening new restaurants at different locations.

cooking madness mod apk
cooking madness mod apk

Your success depends on this expansion as it will significantly increase your revenue. To ensure you provide the best service to your customers, it is important to prioritize upgrades.

A realistic simulation game for business

The game simulates a real business. You will need to respond quickly to customers, prepare the food as per their requests, and then serve them within the time limit.

download cooking madness mod apk
download cooking madness mod apk

You will also deal with customer complaints, staff issues, as well as other unexpected events. These add a real sense of reality to the game, making it even more engaging.

You must also be careful with your spending. Always make investments in areas that offer the best returns. It is important to upgrade your kitchen equipment and capacity, rather than buy new furniture for the restaurant. You can stay afloat, even in difficult times, by prioritizing your needs.

Serve Delicious Dishes

The options for the food you can prepare are endless. Any dish can be cooked, as long as it’s delicious and within the budget of the customer.

cooking madness mod apk unlimited money and gems
cooking madness mod apk unlimited money and gems

You will discover new recipes and ingredients as you progress in the game. This will increase your options and make it more appealing to customers.

Your success is dependent on your ability to make sure that every customer leaves the restaurant happy. This will help you earn more tips and revenue, which is crucial for your business’s growth.

Discover New Restaurants

This game features a map with many different locations. To open new restaurants, you must search for the best locations. You can also buy old, neglected restaurants to make them profitable.

Scouting for new locations is no easy task. Before you settle on a specific location, it is important to consider factors such as population density, competition, etc. It will be easier to expand your business once you have found the right spot.

cooking madness mod apk unlimited diamonds
cooking madness mod apk unlimited diamonds

Before opening a new restaurant, make sure your current restaurant is in good standing. This will allow you to avoid over-stretching resources and will allow you to concentrate on each business.

Upgrade Your Kitchen & Recipes

The most important part of a restaurant is its kitchen. It is the heart of your restaurant and determines how fast you can prepare meals. It is essential to keep it up-to-date in order to meet increasing customer demands.

cooking madness mod apk 2022
cooking madness mod apk 2022

You should also discover new recipes. To find out what customers love, experiment with new dishes. You will be able to keep your customers coming back for more. Customers always crave new dishes, whether it’s pizza, pasta, burgers or another dish.

Finding the perfect balance between new and old recipes is key. You can make your customers bored if you are too focused on just one thing. Your revenues will suffer.

Keep your eyes on the time

It is important to provide service within the agreed time. Customers who are highly emotional will leave if they wait too long. You also risk losing them to the competition.

You must be vigilant about the timer to avoid these problems. You will be able prioritize orders and ensure all customers receive their services within the time frame.

Additional Features of Cooking Madness: APK

  • Collect Cards. You can add fun to this game by incorporating cards. These cards can be obtained by performing various tasks such as cooking certain dishes or serving a specific number of customers. You can get different rewards with the cards, including extra time and money. You can also unlock new restaurants with the cards.
cooking madness mod apk latest version
cooking madness mod apk latest version
  • Get Combos & Earn Tips. This game will encourage you to use creativity in your food presentation. You will get more tips for a dish that is appealing. Try to prepare multiple orders simultaneously and make combos. You will be able to serve more customers and make more money this way.
  • There are many levels that offer fun and entertainment. There are many levels to choose from, with each level offering different challenges. The levels become more difficult, but the rewards increase as you go along. This keeps the experience fresh and interesting.
  • There are many special missions. Cooking Madness has special missions that bring a new twist to the game. You will earn different rewards for completing them, which ensures quick progress.
  • Gorgeous Graphics. This game features well-detailed graphics. It shows the restaurant, customers, and food in high resolution. Customers can also be seen walking into and out of the waiting area. The colors are well-blended to create a great visual appeal.
  • Immersive Sound Systems. The game features well-timed background music to keep you motivated while you prepare different meals. You can also hear realistic cooking and eating sounds.

Cooking Madness MOD APK Download

Cooking Madness MOD APK Unlimited Everything Version has been improved to provide more benefits such as:

  • Cooking Madness MOD APK Unlimited Gems and Money. The game’s virtual currency can be used to purchase different items such as kitchen upgrades and ingredients. You can buy any item you like with the MOD APK.
  • Cooking Madness MOD APK Unlimited Energy. It can be exhausting to cook, especially if you are doing it for long periods of time. The MOD APK gives you unlimited energy so you can play the game as long as your heart desires.
  • No ads. There are no annoying ads in the Cooking Madness MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds-2022 version. Your cooking empire will be built without distractions.


Cooking Madness is a great game that challenges your time management and cooking skills. Serve customers efficiently and quickly while trying out new recipes. You must ensure that you spend as much money as possible to upgrade your kitchen.

Cooking Madness MOD APK 2022 also gives you unlimited resources which makes it easy to move quickly. The fun-filled levels and missions are worth exploring.


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