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Feb 14, 2019
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About Drag King

Drag King Mod APK (Unlimited Money): Drag King Drag King Thailand APK is an online racing-themed game developed through TMDgame Studios. The game recreates Thailand’s famous Drag Race events, where participants compete against one another in a variety of extraordinary actions.

The game provides a wide range of drag vehicles and tracks, with stunning graphics and realistic mechanics. Additionally, players can personalize their vehicles using various accessories and parts.

drag king mod apk
drag king mod apk

With its thrilling gameplay Drag King 201m is a must for fans of racing in Thailand and around the world. It’s a game that’s full of excitement, which ensures that every race is an adrenaline-filled experience.

Why should you download Drag King Racing Game?

The game is thrilling and exciting, providing you a thrilling experience each game you take part in. It was created to bring what Thailand is all about in Drag Race events. Every race is an chance to show off your talents and showcase your custom race.

The realistic terrains will sink your into the racing, making sure that you are enjoying every turn and twist. It’s like being racing. If you’re a race enthusiast, Drag King 201m is worth a look.

drag king mod apk download
drag king mod apk download

It’s lightweight (43MB) it doesn’t take up large amounts of storage which makes it simple to download and use. It’s also optimized for Android 5.0+, which ensures smooth gaming. Download Drag King APK 201m on Android and feel the thrill of an adrenaline-inducing drag race in Thailand.

The Latest Drag Cars to Explore

One of the most appealing aspects in Drag King is the wide range of drag cars. The cars in the game are distinct. They appear like ordinary bikes at first but when you begin playing, they show their power in racing.

They’re beautifully designed and crafted, making sure they make an impact in the crowd. The players can also personalize their cars by adding various components and accessories, making players to choose even more distinctive possibilities.

drag king mod apk unlimited money
drag king mod apk unlimited money

Choose distinctive colours and designs for your car so that it can truly make a statement and impress other racers. Your personality will be displayed and style when you race against the other competitors.

Racing on exciting tracks

Drag King 201m is a breathtaking tracks that are specifically designed to recreate Thailand’s actual drag races. Each track is different with thrilling twists that will make you be alert throughout each race.

The sides are decorated with sponsors’ banners, such as Yamaha, Nexus, Air Asia and many more real-life companies that appear on the screen. In this way, it creates an authentic racing experience.

drag king mod apk latest version
drag king mod apk latest version

The racers will also be able to enjoy real asphalt race tracks. The backgrounds also give the impression that you’re actually being in the middle of a Thailand drag race and immersing your self in the world of the game. You can race on every track in your own customized car and unleash the terrifying performance of your car.

Perform Showcase stunts and Earn Coins

The players do not only compete in races to win, but they also earn coins by performing tricks. These tricks vary from burnouts to wheelies which add an thrill in the sport.

You can earn enough coins and you can then use the coins for more customizations or unlocking brand new cars. Display your talents and impress your fellow racers as you show off your skills during an event.

Select Your Style/Mode of Play

Drag King 201m also has diverse play styles and modes. There’s a career mode that lets players climb to the top of the ladder, and participate in various races until they can be the ultimate drag King champion.

Furthermore, you can select the difficulty of each race to test yourself and develop your racing abilities. For those who are not experienced There is an easy mode for beginners where you choose the track and vehicle you want to race, without tension or pressure. This gives you a more relaxed game play and gives you the chance to test your racing skills.

drag king mod apk for android
drag king mod apk for android

As you advance as you progress, you will be able to participate in more complex races and events. The game also has every day challenges to keep participants involved and trying to enhance their racing abilities.

Other Features Unique to Drag King APK

  • Realistic Stats. This game provides realistic statistics for each car, clearly depicting its power and performance. It shows the maximum speed, speed, gear and weight of the car. This lets players strategize and pick the right car for the particular track.
  • Upgrade Your vehicles. This game also gives you the chance to upgrade your vehicle, allowing players to boost its performance, and making them more efficient in the race.
drag king mod apk thailand
drag king mod apk thailand
  • Participate with Real Players. Drag King 201m lets players to race against real players online, which adds an entirely new level of excitement and competitiveness. Demonstrate your skills in racing when you compete head-to-head against other players.
  • Realistic Signal Systems. When you press the throttle, you need to be patiently waiting for the green signal before you start an event. The game also includes realistic signal systemsthat make it feel as if you’re in a drag-racing experience.
  • Watch the speed of your car. As you race it is important to pay attention to your RPM section. If it becomes red, press the plus icon in order to attain the maximum speed. This adds to the excitement and excitement of every race, since the participants must think about and utilize the power of their vehicle efficiently.
  • Well-Detailed 3D Graphics. Every aspect of the track all the way to the cars are rendered in real 3D images and will immerse the players into the world of drag racing. So, turn on your engine, and get ready for a thrilling experience by playing Drag King 3000m.
drag king apk
drag king apk
  • Exciting Sound Systems. The game allows you to be able to experience the sound of your engine through authentic sound effects. It also has an audio track that is electronic that adds to the lively atmosphere of every race. In addition the collisions and crashes include realistic sound effects improving the experience.

Drag King MOD APK Download

If you’d like to play the game without restrictions You can get Drag King MOD APK Unlimited Money. Drag King MOD APK Unlimited Money version. The version provides sufficient resources to allow players to completely customize and upgrade their vehicles, making them more efficient in the race.

In addition this, in addition, the Drag King MOD APK for Android is free of ads, providing the fastest and most seamless racing experience. You can race to the finish line and do spectacular stunts as you rule the racetrack.


Drag King 201m gives you an engaging and exciting drag racing experience with customizable cars and a variety of game modes. It also features realistic graphics and audio effects that will immerse you into the world that is drag racing.

Improve your cars and compete with real-life players to be your own greatest Drag King Champion. You can also install Drag King MOD APK to download Drag King MOD APK to have unlimited resources and ads-free gaming. Prepare yourself to experience a thrilling ride Drag King the 201m.

What's new

30+ drag bike
champion race
gear tool system
smart AI
64bit support


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