Enhancefox MOD APK 5.5.0 (Pro Unlocked)


Enhance your pixelated, blurred, damaged photos or videos to better quality. Make your memories no longer blurred!The best video enhancer to better quality and HD 4K resolution.
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Oct 27, 2022
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About Enhancefox

Do you have pixelated damaged, or blurred videoor photos? Are you shattered that you aren’t able to fix them? Well, don’t be! By using Enhancefox APK for Android you can correct these issues in mere minutes.

Select the photo or video you wish to improve, and let the AI work its work. Within a matter of minutes your old photos and videos will look as good as new!

enhancefox mod apk
enhancefox mod apk

The application makes use of Luminar AI Generation Technology to make all adjustments. It assesses how good your video and images and makes the necessary adjustments to ensure they look the finest. It can restore the color, sharpness and clarity to an unbeatable level.

Why do you want to download Enhancefox APK?

Video and photographs are the most effective way to capture and preserve precious memories. But, they are damaged as time passes and make them difficult to enjoy and view. This can be very frustrating particularly if memories are important to you.

Prior to Enhancefox before Enhancefox, the only method to enhance their quality was to employ advanced and expensive editing software. This was not within the budget of the majority of people as it required specific abilities and knowledge.

With Enhancefox APK users can be able to achieve great results with just a few clicks. The application is simple to use and requires no specific abilities or any training. It’s quick, simple and efficient!

enhancefox mod apk download
enhancefox mod apk download

It quickly identifies the issue and initiates corrective actions. It doesn’t require an expert to utilize it. The app was intended for use by anyone regardless of their level of experience. You can achieve amazing outcomes (up at the 4K HD resolution) within a short time. Other benefits of downloading the application:

  • Frame Rate Changer. The frame rate is the amount of times an image appears on a screen within one second. The application can alter (+ or +) frames per second in order to produce smoother videos.
  • Higher Resolution. The app can improve its resolution for your images and videos as high as 4K HD. No matter if you’re watching on a large screen or a smaller one, the result are amazing.
  • Adjust Brightness and contrast. The app can automatically alter both the contrast and brightness of images and videos. It will make them look more natural and attractive.
  • Change the Saturation. The app allows you to alter the saturation to give your photo the perfect combination of hues.
enhancefox mod apk download
enhancefox mod apk pro unlocked
  • Fixing Blurrriness and Pixelation. The app will enhance quality of images and videos by recovering lost pixels and decreasing blurriness.
  • Introduction to Cartoon Effect. The application allows you to transform photographs borrossas to high-quality cartoons. This is an excellent method of making your memories more enjoyable and interesting.

An ideal way to refresh Your Memories

Before the advent of color photos, the majority of our photos were monochrome and black. These memories are precious and we’d like to be able to see the photos with color.

Enhancefox enhances your memories in the most natural manner possible. It utilizes AI technology to detect the colors that need to be added. The app then applies the colors in a manner that doesn’t appear artificial or fake.

The app also allows you to alter the color of your images and videos. This is a fantastic method for you to refresh memories as well as make them more vivid.

Scan Your Photos

The use of this application is easy. It includes an inbuilt scanner that will quickly scan your images and videos. It will detect any issues and make the needed adjustments.

enhancefox mod apk latest version
enhancefox mod apk latest version

The scanner is simple and simple to use. Simply simply point it at your pictures or videos and it’ll take care of all the rest! In this way you don’t need to be able to save your photos in soft forms.

If your photo is not displayed in your gallery, you are able to utilize this app to modify it. Simply choose the image from the gallery and the application can scan the image. The same applies to videos as well! The process is simple and only takes few minutes.

Additional Unique Features of Enhancefox APK

  • Customized Setups. This application comes with custom-designed presets to help you save time. All you have to do is choose options like sharpening or adjust clarity, structure and much more. This will allow you to adjust your photos and videos.
  • NON-DEstructive Editing. The app doesn’t modify the original files. It makes copies of them and then edits them. In this way, you are able to always return to the originals in case you don’t like the outcome.
  • Scrape Photos. Having scratched photos is a thing of past. The app can fix their appearance and make them appear like new!
enhancefox mod apk for android
enhancefox mod apk for android
  • Avatarify and Animate Images. The app can transform your photos into stunning animations. You can also make avatars using the photos. These are ideal to use for your social media profile photos!
  • Enhance the quality of text. If you have text in your videos or images, this app will help to make it more clear. This is ideal for when you need to include captions or subtitles.
  • Edit Video Elements of Various Types. This application doesn’t only work using photos. It can also be used to alter the various elements of a video, including resolution, frame rate motion animation effect and much more.
  • Digitize Photographs from the Past. Enhancefox allows you to scan old photographs and digitalize them. This way, you’ll be able to ensure they are safe and sound on your phone or computer.

Enhancefox MOD APK Download

A few of the features in the app’s initial version are available for purchase ($0.99 between $9.99 and $99.99 depending on the item). If you’d like to access the features for free you can download Enhancefox MOD APK PRO Unlocked. It is an updated version of the application that unlocks all premium features.

enhancefox mod apk 2022
enhancefox mod apk 2022

In addition Enhancefox MOD Enhancefox MOD APK Android version is free of ads, which ensures you get a an uncluttered experience. It’s secure to use and you’ll get high-quality outcomes!


If you’re searching for an application that can enhance the image quality and clarity of your images and videos take a look at Enhancefox. It makes use of AI technology to detect and rectify issues. It also includes custom presets to simplify editing!

You can also download an Enhancefox MOD APK 2022 no cost. The version is able to unlock all top features and also removes advertisements.

What's new

-Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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