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Welcome to Fade Master 3D where you have to create the best hairstyles!
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Nov 4, 2022
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About Fade Master 3D

Download Fade Master 3D Mod APK (Unlimited money): Fade Master 3D APK is an online simulation game for barbershops that is provided by Deniz Colak. It gives a real-life and challenging experience for users to cut hair and offer customers the hairstyle they want.

When playing the game you’ll make use of various tools like clippers and scissors, trimmers, combiners, and more to create stunning hairstyles. Be sure to have an even hand as you don’t intend to cut off too much hair.

It is a good thing that you earn stars for each mission you complete with success. You can use the points to improve your equipment as well as unlock hairstyles.

fade master 3d mod apk
fade master 3d mod apk

Overall, the game will keep your interest for hours as you strive to perfect your hairstyling abilities and complete the entire game. Get Fade Master 3D APK for Android and unleash your most amazing barber self.

An Interesting Gameplay

Do you like style and fashion? This game is for you. If you are interested in Fade Master, the players cut hair according to client’s preference or request. The game starts with simple tasks like giving a typical cut.

But, the tasks will get more difficult as you advance. You’ll have cut hair in a variety of styles, ranging from a simple buzz cut to more complicated mohawks and fades. Be sure to avoid any mistakes because it will cost you a lot of stars.

fade master 3d mod apk download
fade master 3d mod apk download

Luckily, you’ll have the desired image projected on the head of the client to help your through the cut procedure. Be careful, as customers can be dissatisfied if the haircut they receive is not their style.

Numerous customers with many demands

This game has a unique experience since each player has distinct needs and needs. Certain customers may prefer you offer them a classic cut while others might ask to have a new haircut.

It is important to pay particular attention to the hair type, facial shape, and even the task before cutting their hair. Be sure to make use of the correct tools for every hairstyle.

In addition, the majority will be with different requirements. From brides-to-be to homeless individuals There will never be a dull moment during this game.

fade master 3d mod apk unlimited money
fade master 3d mod apk unlimited money

When you encounter someone who is homeless They may need complete transformation. This can include shaving their beards or cutting their hair and even hair styling!

Other special missions comprise:

  • The hair of the phobia man is burned by using the help of a torch. Be extra cautious during this job because it demands accuracy and speed.
  • Create a fashionable look for the persona of a musician prior to his big performance.
  • Give a stylish haircut the red-carpet appearance of a popular actor.
  • Implant hair onto the head of a person who is bald using specially designed tools.
  • Style eyebrows and wax to shoot a model’s photos.

These challenges make the game more real and enjoyable when you try to satisfy the needs of each client. But you can be assured that the satisfaction of finishing every mission successfully is worth the effort.

20+ Hair Models

With Fade Master 3D there are a myriad of hairstyles and haircuts that are able to offer your clients. From classic undercuts to modern man buns let your imagination be a wild ride when you test various hairstyles.

A few options are Box Fade, Curly Fade, Mid Fade, Military High Fade as well as Low Fade. Each style requires different methods and you should refresh your knowledge prior to attempting them in a game. For instance the low fade needs clippers that cut the hair in the back and sides while making the top hair longer.

fade master 3d mod apk latest version
fade master 3d mod apk latest version

In addition to hairstyles, it is also possible to change the look of your character by changing the color of their hair. A few options include platinum blonde, jet black bright red and many more. These options allow for customization, making each game more distinct and entertaining.

Upgrade Your Tools

When you earn stars by the various missions you complete, make use of these to improve your tool with Fade Master 3D. This can improve the appearance of your hair and allow you to be more efficient to style your hair.

fade master 3d mod apk all car unlocked
fade master 3d mod apk all car unlocked

Some improvements include sharper scissors more efficient trimmers, faster clippers, and much more. These improvements will enable you to deliver precise haircuts, and will please your clients.

Apart from that, upgrading your equipment can also open up new hairstyles you to experiment with. Earn more stars and upgrading your equipment to become the best barber on the block.

Other Unique Features of Fade Master 3D APK

  • Enjoy the Transformation. This game also comes with the ability to look at the before and after of every haircut a customer has received. This lets you know how far you’ve become a barber and also how happy the customer is with the new style.
  • Real-Life Game Mechanics. This game features real-life gameplay that mimics how barbers work as a barber. From pouring water over the hair of the client prior to cutting, to using various equipment, every step feels as if you’re actually working in the barbershop.
  • Smooth Camera Experience. Smooth camera features allow users to zoom in and see a more detailed view of the haircut you’re giving. This can help improve the precision of your hair and creates the most realistic experience for gaming.
fade master 3d mod apk 2022
fade master 3d mod apk 2022
  • Realistic Sound. The sound effects included in this game are realistic, making it seem like you’re cutting hair. From the whirring of the trimmers and snipping sound of cutting tools, it enhances the experience of a barbershop that is immersive.
  • Simple Controls. The game is easy to use controls that make it suitable to players of all levels. Tap and swipe to give haircuts and pleasing clients in this entertaining game. It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge or experience before you begin enjoying Fade Master 3D.
  • Numerous Challenges. As you move through the game different challenges will be offered to test your skill as barber. Do these challenges to earn stars, and unlock advanced tools to enhance your gameplay.

Fade Master 3D MOD APK Download

Fade Master 3D MOD APK 2022 Fade Master 3D MOD APK for 2022 was modified to provide players with an enhanced experience during their gaming. Some of the amazing features include:

fade master 3d apk
fade master 3d apk
  • Fade Master 3D MOD APK Unlimited Money. This version is modified to allow unlimited money, which makes it much easier upgrading your tool and test different hairstyles without worrying about cost.
  • Fade Master 3D MOD APK Unlimited stars. The MOD APK provides players with unlimited stars. This makes it easier to level up, and ensures that you have the ability to get all the upgrades within the game.
  • No Ads. Enjoy a seamless gaming experience by using Fade Master 3D MOD APK. Fade Master 3D MOD APK because it removes all ads.


Fade Master 3D is a thrilling and engaging game that is perfect for anyone who wants to explore Barbering. With realistic mechanicsand a myriad of possibilities for customization and new games, it is a source of endless fun.

Plus Even better, even better, the Fade Master 3D allows users to use unlimitable money and stars and a unadvertised experience. You can try it and be the top barber in the world!

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