Food Fighter Clicker Mod APK 1.9.2 (Unlimited Diamonds, Gems)


Food Fighter Clicker is a clicker game that grows to become the world's best mukbang food fighter by eating fast food and enhancing your abilities. Tap Tap and be the fastest!
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Oct 31, 2022
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About Food Fighter Clicker

Download Food Fighter Clicker Mod APK (Unlimited Diamonds, Gems) Unlimited money: Food Fighter Clicker is one of the most recent Mukbang food fighting game developed by Newry. Mukbang is a live show where the host eats quantity of food while speaking to the viewers.

Mukbang is gaining popularity recently and many viewers tune into their favorite hosts consume large amounts of food. A few Mukbang stars have been able to become stars on their own.

food fighter clicker mod apk
food fighter clicker mod apk

Food Fighter Clicker is an online game which lets you feel what it’s like become a Mukbang celebrity. Start by selecting your meals and your abilities before you can begin eating!

The game is easy – simply tap the screen to let your character take a bite. The more you eat, more points you’ll get. You can use the points to purchase new food items and abilities, or even upgrade your existing ones.

Get Food Fighter Clicker MOD right now and begin your own Mukbang TV show! This app needs Android 4.4or higher devices to work optimally.

An Exciting Gameplay

The game will keep you laughing and having an enjoyable time. Its simplicity lets you concentrate on the most important goal that is to fill your mouth with the most food feasible.

The goal is to consume the most food you can in order to obtain an overall score of the top. While it may sound easy but the game gets tougher as you advance. You’ll face different challenges that limit your food choices.

food fighter clicker mod apk unlimited money and gems
food fighter clicker mod apk unlimited money and gems

Luckily, the game comes with an in-app purchase ($0.99 – $89.99 per item) to help you overcome the obstacles. The unlocking of unique abilities allows players to continue eating and earning points.

There are different kinds of food items to consume that each have a different effects. If you eat a lot of same foods will result in your body becoming full however, you can continue to eat various kinds of food.

If you’re stuffed and need to go to the bathroom to go to the bathroom and take a sneeze. This will allow you to gain space for food and keep going with your Mukbang performance!

Keep Enhancing Your Abilities

The game is about eating as much food as you can however, you’ll need more than just an appetite to be successful. You’ll have to continuously improve your skills to consume more food and earn better scores. There are four distinct abilities you can increase:

food fighter clicker mod apk download
food fighter clicker mod apk download

  • Food Speed. This will determine the speed your character will consume food. It is important to first upgrade this to be able to keep pace with all the new food going to be coming your way. The faster you are the more food you are able to put into your mouth.
  • Stomach Size. This is a important aspect of every Mukbang show. A bigger stomach will enable you to consume more food prior to getting full. You’ll require lots of food in order to score high So, make sure you improve your ability to the highest level feasible.
  • Chewing power. This will determine the speed at which you take your meals in a chewing motion. The more quickly you can chew and eat, the more food you are able to consume in a short amount of time. This is crucial when you have a variety of food items being delivered to you.
  • Mouth Size. The size of your mouth determines the amount of food you can put in at once. Being able to eat with a larger mouth will enable you to eat more and will result in higher scores. Make sure that you have your mouth as large as you can to be able to outdo your rivals.

Tap Tap to Be the Fastest!

The game’s controls are simple – all you have just tap the screen. The more you tap and the more food items your character will consume. This results in a intense and thrilling gameplay.

You’ll have to be fast in order to stay on top of all the food especially when a variety of items are on the way. The difficulty is knowing what time and when to tap it.

food fighter clicker mod apk versi terbaru
food fighter clicker mod apk versi terbaru

It is also important to monitor the health of your character. A bathroom visit is an option when you’re hungry however, be sure that you don’t overuse your time when you’re there.

Outstanding Features of Food Fighter Clicker APK

  • Unlock different food types. What makes this game so much fun can be the range of foods that you can fill your stomach with. If you’re looking for eggs or ramen, pizza, or even eggs This game is for you! Each food item you eat can also result in different effects on your character.
  • Get yourself to be The Ultimate Food Fighter. The goal of the game is to be the most successful food fighter around the globe. To achieve this, you have to beat the scores of other players and be the highest-ranked athlete at the top of the leaderboard.
  • Earn as Much as Possible. This game is about earning cash – the more food you consume, the more cash you’ll earn. It’s the ultimate clicker game that has eating as the main theme! Eat simple and complicated meals to build up valuable resources and treasures.
food fighter clicker mod apk untuk android
food fighter clicker mod apk untuk android
  • Unlock Diverse Items. This game lets you unlock exclusive items such as dining tables, chairs and furniture. Also, you can purchase costumes and hairstyles to make your appearance! You can showcase your character while eating delicious food.
  • Simple Graphics for a Simple Experience. The game’s graphics are minimal, providing an easy and smooth gaming experience. The main focus is on food and the game, so it’s not a distraction to excessive visuals.
  • Consume Goldfish to be Rich! Eating goldfish is one of the most effective methods to earn money in this game. They can earn you a lot of money and are also delicious. Be sure to eat the most goldfish you can to be rich fast!

Food Fighter Clicker MOD APK Download

If you are looking for 100% enjoyment engaging in this sport, then download the Food Fighter Clicker MOD APK for 2022. These are the top highlights:

food fighter clicker mod apk 2022
food fighter clicker mod apk 2022
  • Food Fighter Clicker MOD APK Unlimited Gems and Money. Unlike the original version, this version will give you unlimited resources available to spend on the game. It is possible to use the funds to increase your capabilities and purchase various food items.
  • No more ads! This Food Fighter Clicker MOD APK on Android gives you a seamless gaming experience, by removing all of the annoying ads. Now you can concentrate on eating your food with no distractions.


Food Fighter Clicker is the ideal game for players who enjoy foods or clicker games. It’s very easy to play, but it’s a challenge to master, which makes it the ideal time-saver. With its simplistic graphics and a focus on gameplay This game is guaranteed to keep your attention for many hours.


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