Hungry Dragon Mod APK 4.6 (Unlimited Money, Coins)


Unleash fiery fury from above in Hungry Dragon, a fun and frantic flying action game where everything and everyone is on the menu!
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Oct 31, 2022
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About Hungry Dragon

Download Hungry Dragon Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Coins): “Hungry Dragon” is an exciting adventure game where you are in role of a dragon in search of your insatiable craving. There are a variety of playable dragons with distinct abilities and upgrades.

The game has a broad array of different environments, such as dark dungeons and mountains, with snowy snow and lush forests. While you play through levels, you’ll encounter diverse challenges, including finding ways to avoid traps and dangers.

hungry dragon mod apk
hungry dragon mod apk

In addition, the setting of medieval lets you devour medieval creatures like peasants and knights. Additionally, you can unlock various powers-ups and upgrades that allow you to become stronger and more efficient in consuming larger prey.

In the end, you can anticipate amazing graphics and thrilling gameplay in the Hungry Dragon APK. It adds a classic variation of the infinite runner genre, giving the most immersive and thrilling gaming experience.

Engaging Gameplay and Dynamic Missions

The game keeps you in the driver’s seat. The missions constantly change with new and thrilling tasks that test your skill as an elven dragon.

At first you begin as a small , tinier dragon with limited capabilities. As you consume your prey, and collect gems scattered across the map, you’ll be able to upgrade and unlock new dragons that have enhanced abilities.

Speed is key for Hungry Dragon APK. The faster you can fly eating and flying, the greater the score you will earn. Be aware of the obstacles and traps that could make you slow down or cause a stop to your eating frenzy.

These challenges enhance the excitement and adrenaline of the game as you plan and adapt to each new task. Make sure you eat as much as you can and turn into the ultimate hungry dragon.

A Medieval Open World to Explore

The open medieval world has many opportunities to explore and learn. Every environment is exquisitely constructed, with vivid images and vibrant colors.

hungry dragon mod apk
hungry dragon mod apk

It is possible to fly over coastal villages as well as dark dungeons and villages. If you spot a cluster of human settlements in the area, prepare for a feast while you feast on knights, peasants and even the buildings that cross your route.

The game also includes a range of options for power-ups, including the ability to breathe fire and invincibility. These are able to help you in tough missions, and can help you eliminate anything that is standing against you.


Many Dragons to collect

This game lets players can gather and upgrade various dragons. Each dragon has its own unique skills like the ability to breathe fire or ice.

You can also alter the appearance of the dragon with various skins, ranging from traditional to funky designs. As you go through more quests the more skins and dragons you’ll be able to obtain.

Make sure you change your costumes so that they burn more powerful and fly more quickly. You can also gather legendary monsters and dragons that have superior power and capabilities.

Collect and equip Exotic Pets

Pets aren’t just there to provide companionship in the Hungry dragon APK. The exotic pets are able to help you with your mission and can provide unique abilities such as healing or additional firepower.

You can gather a variety of pets that range from tiny creatures such as bats and cats to huge beasts such as elephants and dragons. They’ll combat alongside you and provide an element of strategy to the game.

hungry dragon mod apk
hungry dragon mod apk

Make sure you improve and train to ensure you get the best out of your pet. With their assistance you will be able to effortlessly devour all the way around in world of medieval times and be the most powerful hungry dragon.

Unique Characteristics in Hungry Dragon APK

  • Access Hidden Areas. This game has hidden zones that can only be accessable with specific upgrade or power ups. Explore the map to discover the hidden locations and eat their delights. You can also eliminate obstacles using specific power-ups. You can also find hidden treasures and hunting.
  • Discover Goblin City. Goblin City. This game is extremely thrilling that lets you glide through the goblin city full of rewards and difficulties. Explore narrow passageways and feast on goblins in order to earn points and gems.
  • Activate Fire Rush. This game feature lets players to unleash their wild side and burn all obstacles in your way. This feature is ideal for difficult tasks and gives you the edge over strong opponents.
  • Burn enemies. This game allows players to use their burning breath to take out your foes and consume the rest in a fire of glory. You can roast monsters, soldiers as well as witches and trolls and satisfy your desire to destroy.
  • Epic Extraordinary Powers. This game has special abilities that include invincibility as well as the ability to summon the force of a storm. Utilize these special abilities to accomplish your goals and rule the world of medieval times.
  • Develop and train dragons. In addition to gathering and upgrading dragons you are able to transform into stronger beasts. Regularly train them to improve their abilities and skills and make them valuable resources in challenges and missions.

Beautiful 3D Graphics & Epic Sound Systems

The game features amazing, sharp images that make the medieval world come to life. It features bridges, villages and stars as well as fire in vivid details and colors. The sound effects are a part of the game’s immersive experience, including the roar of fires, the screeching of dragons and slamming swords.

hungry dragon mod apk
hungry dragon mod apk

The precisely-crafted animations and sound systems create Hungry Dragon APK a highly engaging and addictive game ideal for those who loves to destroy. Download it today and fill your appetite as the ultimate dragon player.

The Hungry Dragon MOD APK on Android

If you are looking to improve your Hungry Dragon game Download Hungry Dragon MOD. APK. OBB and download the games to the Android device. This version is modified and includes the following features:

  • The Hungry Dragon MOD APK is an unlimited gems game and Cash. This MOD APK gives you the most important in-game currency, without the requirement to earn them or buy these items. Make use of these gems and coins to unlock skins, dragons and power-ups, for an enjoyable and simpler gaming experience.
  • Unlimited Lives. The first Hungry Dragon game required players to wait for life to replenish before continuing missions. When you play Hungry Dragon MOD APK 2022, you can enjoy unlimited lives. Hungry Dragon MOD APK 2022, you will be able to play for endless lives and constantly complete obstacles without interruption.
  • No ads. Enjoy a seamless game experience without interruptions from irritating ads. Prepare to fly through the skies and feast on exquisite creatures.


Hungry Dragon is a very addictive game that allows you to play out your fantasies as a fierce dragon conqueror. With its unique features, gorgeous graphics, and thrilling adventures, the game is sure to fulfill your need for destruction.

To experience a more enjoyable gaming experience Download Hungry Dragon MOD APK for Android. Hungry Dragon MOD Apk on Android and gain unlimited gems, cash lives, lives, and ad free gaming. Explore the world of medieval warfare as the ultimate dragon king.

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