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Kunai Master: Ninja Assassin is a game for real spies! Dodge attacks, teleport, avoid various obstacles and destroy enemies and main bosses!
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Nov 11, 2022
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About Kunai Master

Casual Azur Games offers Kunai Master APK, a pixel-based game. Your mission is to save the world and defeat evil bosses by playing as a skilled ninja.

You can choose from a variety of warriors with different abilities, weapons, or equipment. Your kunai can be used to kill enemies or collect coins to improve your gear and skills.

kunai master mod apk
kunai master mod apk

The game also offers a variety of levels that are filled with thrilling boss fights and exciting battles. You will always find an exciting mission to complete.

This is the game to choose if you want a retro-styled pixel game that has non-stop action. Get Kunai Master MOD Android APK and you will be the ultimate ninja fighter.

Extreme Gameplay

The game features intense gameplay and a variety of levels. To advance in the game, you must defeat bosses and enemies.

Your adversaries won’t give up on you. With their weapons and attacks, they will try to knock your down.

Although you will start with a single warrior, there are many other characters that you can unlock with different abilities and equipment. These will assist you in your missions and make it easier to win the battles.

kunai master mod apk download
kunai master mod apk download

Upgrading Your Skills

You can not only upgrade the skills of your character, but also their equipment and weapons. This can be done by collecting coins or completing levels.

These upgrades will give your the edge that you need to defeat the most difficult bosses. You can also upgrade your warriors to make your mission easier. You can quickly level up and become a skilled ninja fighter.

Unlock Exceptional Talents

You can use your characters’ special abilities to win when battles become overwhelming and complicated. Every warrior is a master of their own skills. Choose wisely and use them when you need them to defeat your enemies quickly. These include:

kunai master mod apk unlimited money
kunai master mod apk unlimited money
  • This skill allows you instantly to teleport to any location and surprise your enemies. You can then attack them quickly with this skill. This skill is a great way for you to dodge enemy attacks and take them down.
  • Flaming Kunai. This ability lets you throw flaming bonai at your enemies, doing massive damage and burning them immediately. This skill is ideal for close combat battles.
  • Kunai Rain. Your character will release many kunai out of the sky, dealing heavy damage to enemies and taking them down quickly.
  • Dodge Attacks. This skill allows you to quickly dodge the attacks of your enemy, which will allow you to strike back at them and defeat them. To avoid enemy attacks, you can even fly through air.

These extraordinary abilities can be used in any war, no matter which warrior you choose. To save yourself for more difficult battles, make sure you only use them when absolutely necessary.

Upgrade Your Kunai

Kunai (or dagger) is your main weapon in this game. It also serves as the key to unlocking your character’s abilities and skills. It is easier to defeat enemies if your kunai is more powerful.

By collecting treasures, you can upgrade your Kunai and ensure it has all the necessary elements. You can choose from fire, ice and electricity. Each element has its own advantages in battle. To aid in your missions, you can unlock new kunai that have even stronger abilities. You can increase its power and make it more deadly in battle.

Explode Barrels

There are some explosive barrels scattered about on certain levels. You can use them to your advantage and cause massive damage to your opponents by throwing kunai at their barrels. This will make it possible to defeat multiple adversaries at once, making the battles easier.

kunai master mod apk versi terbaru
kunai master mod apk versi terbaru

These barrels can be dangerous if you don’t use them correctly. To gain control and defeat your enemies quickly, timing is crucial.

Retro Pixel Graphics

Kunai Master APK features retro-pixel graphics that give it a nostalgic feel. Although the graphics are not as sophisticated as those of other games, they add to the appeal and charm of this action-packed game.

The graphics don’t affect gameplay in any way. It is possible to navigate the levels and missions, defeat enemies and improve your skills and equipment.

Kunai Master APK also has other unique features

  • Master the Art of Stealth Assassination. The game lets you use stealth to your advantage and sneak up on your enemies in order to take them down quickly. Use stealth assassination as a Ninja warrior to defeat enemies and complete your missions.
  • You can play different missions and levels. You can continue playing and learning as a Ninja warrior by completing multiple missions. Each mission brings new challenges and excitement to the game, making it fun and engaging.
  • Gorgeous Graphics. Although Kunai Master is a retro-pixel game, it also has beautiful backgrounds and environments. You can explore different locations and defeat enemies as you complete missions. Immerse yourself in the stunning visuals.
  • Smooth Controls The game’s controls are easy and smooth, making it easy to navigate through the missions and battles. You can unleash your kunai skills quickly and with precision to defeat enemies.
  • Unique Combat Mechanisms. KunaiMaster APK provides unique combat mechanics that allow you to use your Kunai in many different ways. To defeat your enemies and complete your missions, you must plan and strategize each battle.
kunai master mod apk untuk android
kunai master mod apk untuk android
  • You can choose from a variety of warriors to suit your mission. To become a powerful ninja or master of the kunai, train and improve your chosen warrior.

Kunai Master MOD APK Download

Kunai Master MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems allows you to play without restrictions. This modified version makes it easy to upgrade your kunai skills and make every battle more thrilling.

Kunai Master MOD Android APK is also ad-free. This allows you to concentrate on your missions and enjoy a seamless gaming experience. You can immerse yourself in the exciting world of Kunai Masters with unlimited resources.


Kunai Master APK is a fun and thrilling gaming experience. You can navigate missions and upgrade your Kunai skills. This game is well worth checking out. It features retro-pixel graphics and unique combat mechanics. There are also many warriors you can choose from.

For unlimited gems and money, you can also download the Kunai Master MOD APP for an even more enjoyable gaming experience. This modified version gives you unlimited gameplay and an ad-free gaming experience. Kunai Master APK will allow you to become a ninja master, unleashing the power of your kunai.

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