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🛡️ Mech Arena is a FREE quick-fire competitive robot game with explosive PvP team battles, deep combat tactics, and limitless customization.
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Plarium Global Ltd
Nov 23, 2022
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About Mech Arena

The challenge of fighting robots is thrilling and gives you the opportunity to prove your ruthlessness to your opponent, without getting blood! You’ll experience incredible energy and a range of fighting styles. For instance, in the Mech Arena game by Plarium Global Ltd, you will witness the battle of robots you’ve never witnessed before. The most interesting thing is that you’ll be who controls each robot that eliminate your opponents. It is important to keep in mind that you be able to play a 5v5 multiplayer game in which you will be able to control a variety of robots to fight online.

mech arena mod apk unlimited gems
mech arena mod apk unlimited gems

Robots are rising and there is a huge differences between them! In this action-packed game you have the option of choosing either offline or online modes. In both of these modes, the objective is always the same: to eliminate all opponents before they take over by using their massive robots. The game features an innovative attacking system which lets the player play with both armies of the fighters. You can customize the appearance of your robots. Load the robots up with guns, employ aggressive tactics, make your team and fight with robots until you eliminate the entire team.

The Battle of the Robots

Absolutely, Mech Arena does not change the gameplay of shooting or actions video game. But, this enjoyable five-v-5 shooter game has a fun and engaging gameplay that is distinguished by top-quality images and fluid animations. If you’re looking to experience forever in a shooting game and you want to enjoy the manual control of my mech robotic, download this app today. With the wide range of game levels available in this game you’ll be able to experience intense battles that will challenge your skills in combat.

mech arena mod apk unlimited gems
mech arena mod apk unlimited gems

In this game you’ll play as a member of a team along with four other players . You will compete against an opponent team. Your goal is to take down all of your opponents with the most effective weapons and strategic strategies. The best method to accomplish this is to work together and devise a strategy with your teammates. Do not be a solitary player since your adversaries will be looking for any weak spot in your team, and will take you down. You’ll be able to do everything you want since there are numerous mech robots you can choose from as well as a wide range of weapons available for unlock, items to customize and battle modes of various types.


Mech Arena Features

You won’t be disappointed by your experience with the Mech Arena game. The game is fun and will bind your eyes to the smartphone’s screen for an extended time. Download the game today and experience the features listed below.

5v5 Epic Battle Royal – Join the Mech Arena to take part in battles that are fierce. Get together with your buddies and see if you are able to beat the other players. You have to master the art of controlling robots, be able to ambush your opponents and then shoot all enemies with no mercy. If you don’t, they’ll kill you if you are not careful. Learn to shoot well during this game to demonstrate your skill in combat, and the use of different weapons. The fights in this game aren’t longer than 5 minutes. But they are filled with fierce gun battles whose can be won or lost based on the shooting skills of the shooter.

In order to win your battle, you’ll have a wide range of robotics and weapons available. The best part is that each robot has distinct capabilities that can be utilized to be successful in the game. With unlimited funds you’ll be able to modify your robot to add more combat capabilities to it. Start playing this game now and start participating in various battles, including Point Capture matches, Deathmatch battles, and many more. Play endless battles with this game and assist your team beat your adversaries.

mech arena mod apk unlimited gems
mech arena mod apk unlimited gems

Different Weapons and Special abilities This game offers a wide range of weapons to pick from, such as long-range artillery, weapons that use energy, intelligent missiles stasis guns, and other. You’ll need to learn the art of using these weapons to defeat foes and win battles.


Another amazing aspect of the game is that the mech robot is equipped with an exclusive ability. For instance, there are mechs with ramming speed and repair fields, energy shields and targeting jammers or jump jets, mines and many more. These abilities can be used to take on your adversaries hand down.

mech arena mod apk unlimited gems
mech arena mod apk unlimited gems

Playing competitive PvP games Test your skills as a combatant against different players before trying the battle royals 5v5. Teams can be formed and rank up with your fellow players. While at the same time you will win lots of prizes in the forms of medals as well as unlimited cash. The game has a number of tournaments you can participate in and show your abilities. If you have the right strategy for battle it is always possible to be winning in this game.

Basic Controls Simple Controls Mech Arena has simple controls. The player just needs to use the joystick located on the left of the game interface to move the characters around the game. The buttons to the right allow you to aim at opponents, firing and refilling ammunition. When fighting make sure you be aware of the two robot arms since each comes with its own recharge system.

mech arena mod apk unlimited gems
mech arena mod apk unlimited gems

Beautiful Graphics This game is awe-inspiring in its graphics and animations that you can enjoy while you take on all enemies robots. On the other side of your opponent you will see an indicator of the distance they’re away from the character you are. Additionally the health of every team is shown by the status bars on high-up on the display. Download the game now and experience the stunning graphics that bring the ultimate HD gaming experience.

Mechanical Arena Mod APK: Unlimited Cash, coins, gems and more

Install your Mech Arena most recent version and enjoy the top robot battle on your phone. With the Mod version of Mech Arena APK you can be sure that you will enjoy the excitement that is provided.

What's new

What's new in 2.18:

- Clans. The wait is almost over! Create or join a Clan, chat with Clanmates, and compete to top the Leaderboards!
- Visual upgrades. Surge and Tengu's Stealth Buffs have received some visual polish, and Surge's Weapons have been resized.
- Settings. Updated social media options have been added to the Connection tab.
- Objectives. A new batch of Objectives is on the way, and we've added a number of info popups to existing Objectives explaining exactly what you need to do.


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