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Muslim Pro is the most popular Muslim app with more than 130 million downloads globally!
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Oct 28, 2022
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About Muslim Pro

Download Muslim Pro Mod APK 13.4 (Premium Unlocked): Islam is among the largest religions of the world with over 1.8 billion followers across the globe. Due to this, you’ll see them in every part of the world which is about 22 percent of globe’s population. If you’re an Muslim and you don’t wish to miss important events and prayers then you should get the Muslim Pro now! The app is acknowledged by 70 million Muslims across the globe today.

The app is published by Bitsmedia and is a reliable one that informs you of times of prayer based on the current whereabouts. There are also a variety of Azans that are both audio and visual notifications you’ll get on a regular basis. Additionally, you’ll be informed of the times of fasting during Ramadan every year. In addition, you’ll be able study The Holy Quran right inside the application!

Most Popular Muslim App

There are numerous Muslims all over the world because Islam is considered to be one of the most important religions across the globe. There’s around 1.8 billion Muslims and they’re composed of various races and ethnicities. If you’re not aware that, Muslims are extremely strict with regards to their religion and practice regular prayers every day along with other religious rituals. This is why it’s hard to keep track of all the events when you’re novice or are busy. However, thanks to Muslim Pro, you can find everything you need in one application!

This app is designed to be used by all Muslims whatever age or geographical location. You can find exact times for prayer depending on where you are so that you’re not missing any of the prayers. Furthermore you can also study the Quran both offline and online, to ensure you don’t lose out in your faith regardless of where you are. There are 40+ languages that can be translated into the Quran which means you can take it in regardless of your preferred language. In addition, you’ll be notified of important events right now!


Finally, you will be able to locate Halal eateries near you!

Muslim Pro Features

Are you a committed Muslim? If so, Muslim Pro is a must be a part of your arsenal now. Since we live in the edge of technological advancement it is a must-have in every aspect.

The ultimate Muslim Application –There are many religions in the world that people are affiliated with in the present. It’s Christianity, Protestants, Hinduism, Islam and many others. Islam is home to around 24.1 percent of the world’s population , which is the second largest religion worldwide. This is why you’ll notice the presence of Muslims everywhere today. For Muslims they take their religion seriously wherever they go.

This is why it could be a bit complicated for busy individuals or for those unfamiliar with the faith. This is why Muslim Pro was created as the most comprehensive app for Muslims. It contains all prayers and will remind you daily of it regardless of where you live. Furthermore, you can pick one of the muezzin’s voices to read the Azan. You can also study the Holy Quran and many other crucial details in the present.

Prayer TimesMuslims are religious people who take their religion very seriously. This is the reason why there are numerous prayer times every day, regardless of the place they are. With Muslim Pro, you can obtain accurate times for prayer depending on where you are! This means that you are able to alter the settings to ensure you get precise times. The app will notify you of the times of prayer to ensure that you don’t lose out on the prayer time.


Fasting TimesFasting is also a crucial event for Muslims across the globe. Due to this, the app will remind users of important events before the scheduled time, so you can be prepared for them. It is the same for Ramadan that is a major ritual of fasting for Muslims around the world.

Read The Quran Read the Quran The Holy Quran is the bible of Muslims. It contains the scriptures and texts that relate to the religion of Muslims. If you’re a person who is busy it’s not necessary to carry a book with you everywhere as long as you’re using Muslim Pro. You can now go through your copy of the Holy Quran complete with colored Tajweed and audio-recitations. It’s also available in more than 40 languages so you won’t need to fret!

Connect with the CommunityIf you feel lonely You can join millions of other Muslims who are in this community and pray with one others. There is no cost to connect with them on chat and strengthen your faith in the community.

Halal Restaurants and MosquesYou are also able to find directions and locations for Halal restaurants and mosques in your region.

Download Muslim Pro Mod APK Latest version

If you’re an Muslim, Muslim Pro Mod APK is an app you must have! It comes with everything you’ll need to maintain your faith.


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