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My Hotpot Restaurant is a Restaurant Management game.
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Oct 25, 2022
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About My Hotpot My Story

My Hotpot Story Mod APK 1.3.4 (Free Shopping) Unlimited money: Hotspot Story is a simulation game that will test your ability to manage a successful restaurant. It covers all the essentials of a real-world business including the restaurant’s kitchen and dining area.

The main objective is to create unique dishes and make sure your clients are pleased. It is important to take note of their requirements and desires while paying attention to your budget.

my hotpot story mod apk
my hotpot story mod apk

This game will test your ability to make decisions as well as your finance management skills along with customer support. You will also have to deal with diverse types of clients such as picky eaters to those who have special requests.

In the end, this game will provide you with a real-life experience of managing the restaurant. It’s an excellent method to understand the business of food and how to accommodate various types of patrons. The controls are easy to use and you’ll have no difficulties in learning these. What are you waiting on? Begin your own hotspot story now.

Get Started Your Business from Scratch

Do you have ever thought of run a restaurant? Your Hotspot Story gives you the chance to achieve that! Start from scratch and have nothing more than goals and a small amount of capital.

It is important to be thrifty in the beginning and manage your finances. Make investments in kitchen equipment, furniture and other. After you’ve built up an established client base, you are able to begin to expand your business.

my hotpot story mod apk download
my hotpot story mod apk download

There are a lot of choices to be made during the course of your business and every one of them will affect the restaurant. For instance, you need to select the best site, design your dining space and then hire employees.

It is also essential to create an menu and search for sources for fresh ingredients. Be aware that the preferences of your clients will evolve over time, and you need to be ready to change. This could require more investments, like the purchase of new kitchen appliances or larger dining area.

High Dynamic Activities to Perform

This game takes place in a fast-paced, fast-paced environment where you are required to finish many tasks simultaneously. You need to be sure that you don’t commit mistakes, as mistakes can be costly. Here’s what you can do to ensure smooth operations:

  • Be Creative with Your Menu. Your customers will soon become bored if you are serving the same food constantly. It is essential to think outside the box and create new recipes to keep them entertained. You could also provide regular specials or seasonal menus to give them the variety.
  • Manage Your Supplies. Be aware of your supply and replenish as needed. You do not wish to run out of ingredients when you’re cooking a dish.
my hotpot story mod apk unlimited money
my hotpot story mod apk unlimited money
  • Take care of Your Customers. Keep them satisfied by promptly taking orders and serving delicious food. Be attentive to their preferences and make sure you accommodate any special needs. That will enable you create goodwill and keep your customers coming back for more.
  • Hire & Train Staff. You’ll require waiters, chefs and other employees to assist you in running your business. Make sure you hire them carefully and properly train them to avoid issues in the future.
  • Deal with Issues Quickly. There will be a variety of customers who are difficult to satisfy. Be patient and solve the issues as quickly as possible to keep the good relations.
  • Open New Stores. Once you’ve been successful in establishing your restaurant’s first location, it’s time to expand your operations by opening more stores. This will enable you to get more customers and boost your earnings.

Become a Tycoon

Your eyes must be fixed at the goal and strive to reach your objectives. The game I played Hotspot Story is a challenging game that requires all of your skills in management. However, if you persist to the end, you will be awarded with success.

my hotpot story mod apk latest version
my hotpot story mod apk latest version

You can be a millionaire through the opening of new shops, broadening your menu and offering exceptional customer service. Make sure you are aware of your finances and make wise investment decisions to ensure that you will see long-term expansion. With determination and perseverance you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Other Features Unique to My Hotspot Story APK

  • Build Distinctive Buildings. You need to create distinctive restaurants that stand out from the rest. Pick the best site and invest in high-quality construction in order to draw customers.
  • Organize Cultural Shows. In this game marketing is crucial. One way to generate excitement is to organize cultural events. This is not just bringing new customers, but can also help you establish an excellent reputation.
  • Decorate Your Restaurant. Your restaurant must be attractive to your customers. This can be done by decorating it using beautiful furnishings and paintings. It will create a welcoming ambience that visitors will appreciate.
my hotpot story mod apk for android
my hotpot story mod apk for android
  • Find Your Winning Formula. It is possible to play the game in a variety of methods and discover the strategy that is most effective for you. There is no correct or incorrect method to play therefore experiment and find out what you can do to make it work. It is essential to be enthusiastic about broadening your menu by including Chinese, Indian, and other food options to draw clients from across the globe.
  • Create Private Rooms. Customers can be offered the possibility for dining inside private spaces. This gives customers a feeling of a special treatment, which will make them feel like they are special. They’ll come to your restaurant for more and will would recommend your restaurant to their friends.
  • Cheerful Kitchen. Although this game is quick-paced, it is important to make sure that your kitchen is a happy place. This will inspire your employees to do their best and deliver top-quality service. Be sure your kitchen is spotless and tidy every day.
  • Awesome Graphics & Smooth Animations. The game has stunning graphics that take players to a different world. The colors are vibrant and beautiful, while the animations are fluid. The game is fun to play and you’ll be playing for long hours.

My Hotspot Story MOD APK Download

My Hotspot Story MOD APK Unlimited Money version provides you with an established method to make your gaming more exciting. The money can be used to build new structures as well as hire staff and embellish your restaurant. This can give you a leg up and will help you grow into a successful entrepreneur quickly.

my hotpot story apk
my hotpot story apk

Furthermore, My Hotspot Story MOD APK for Android is completely ad-free. You are able to focus 100% on the game without being distracted by annoying advertisements. This can enhance your gaming experience and allow you to reach your goals more quickly.


My Hotspot Story is an fantastic restaurant simulation game that can keep your attention for long hours. It’s well-designed and gives an unique experience. Utilize the information in this article to to become a successful restaurateur.

Make sure to install the My Hotspot Story MOD APK to make unlimited money. This will allow you to create the business empire you’ve always wanted to have.

What's new

1.3.3 update: 1. Fix the bug that some characters' uniform cannot be displayed 2. Fix the bug that some mobile models can not enter the game 3. Optimize some language settings

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