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Ever dreamed to become a richie rich and living like a billionaire tycoon? Play life simulation game to get from zero to hero and compose your own success story. Make right life choices and go from rags to riches!
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Sep 28, 2022
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About Rich Inc

Rich Inc. APK is a game simulation game that allows you to feel the excitement of purchasing new businesses and expanding your business until you become the most successful billionaire in the globe. It features a unique gameplay that lets players merge and enhance their business to make more profits.

The story of Rich Inc, you will begin with a modest loan and a vacant office. Your aim is to turn this humble start into a profitable empire by intelligent investment along with strategic mergers.

rich inc mod apk
rich inc mod apk

The game also has missions and challenges that offer additional rewards when completed successfully. It is your responsibility to complete these tasks while managing your company’s budget as well as resources.

Start at the beginning!

The game starts right when your character earns his degree at college. Instead of an employment invitation, you’re met with unemployment and loans that you must pay back.

But don’t let that deter you from advancing up to the top of corporate success! Utilize your business acumen as well as clever decisions to buy new companies, purchase stocks, and earn profits that turn your modest company into a massive business.

You’ll start out as a homeless person and then gradually progress to become a business billionaire. Do you have the potential to accumulate wealth and be among the most successful CEOs around the globe? Play Rich Inc APK to discover.

Create Your Unique Character

A character that you can feel a personal connection with is essential when playing simulation games. It provides players with an ownership feeling and a sense of immersion into the game.

With Rich Inc, you can modify the appearance of your character by changing their hairstyles as well as their outfit, gender, and. You can also assign the character a name, making them feel like your personal CEO.

rich inc mod apk download
rich inc mod apk download

Additionally, you can select from a variety of backgrounds to create your avatar, like an accountant or engineer. Be sure to choose a career that is compatible with your current job or interests to provide an satisfying gaming experience.

Make the right choices

The outcome of the game is the result of your choices. Are you willing to take risky investment or choose to play safe? Do you place profits ahead of ethical standards?

Every decision you make has consequences in the competitive business world. Take the right decisions to become a successful chief or watch as your company’s fortunes plummet due to poor choices.

Along with managing your company as well, you must also face competition as well as unexpected events as well as the threat of sabotage. Do you have the ability to manage the pressure and win? Be sure to consider each choice carefully prior to making your decision. It’s a game of skill and planning and not luck.

rich inc mod apk unlimited money
rich inc mod apk unlimited money

For instance, you could build relationships with your boss in order to get promotions as well as useful connections. If you’d prefer to be your own boss then you can concentrate on building your business through the acquisition and merger process. In this way, you will be the sole owner of a huge corporation without relying on any other person.

Earn More Money

The game will concentrate on creating wealth using various methods. Profits can be earned by investing your money in stocks or by combining with other businesses to grow your company’s reach.

Furthermore there is also the possibility of earning money from renting out your property as well as participating in casino-related activities. As much money as you earn more money, the greater your net worth and the closer to becoming a billionaire.

However, ensuring you are managing your budget and resources is essential to successful business. Be sure to budget your money wisely and be aware of unexpected expenses that can impact your profitability.

rich inc mod apk latest version
rich inc mod apk latest version

If you have the right approach and decisions, you can be an affluent mogul with Rich Inc APK. Start downloading the game today to begin building your business empire. Maybe someday your avatar could be in the Forbes billionaire list.

Build or Buy Your Home

Within Rich Inc, you can buy luxurious homes to live in or construct your own dream home. Celebrate your achievements by decorating your home with costly furnishings and art.

Don’t let the newfound wealth go to the wayside. Be sure to take security measures to safeguard your property and yourself from thieves and sabotage attempts by rivals who are jealous.

Make yourself the ultimate business entrepreneur and reside in luxurious. No matter if you build or buy your home, ensure your residence is a reflection of your status as CEO of a successful company within Rich Inc.

Unlock Luxurious Cars

The game would not be enough without showcasing the extravagant life of a wealthy CEO. As you progress through the game and build up you net worth you’ll be able to gain access to fancy cars and ride around with fashion.

Pick between sleek sports cars and luxurious sedans, each with distinctive characteristics. You can customize your ride with different colors and accessories to make them completely yours.

rich inc mod apk for android
rich inc mod apk for android

Go around town and show your wealth and success to the world. Don’t forget to put to your security system some top-of-the-line features to guard your precious vehicles from theft and damage. It’ll pay off when you travel around town as the boss you’ve always been.

Select a Girlfriend and Begin a the Relationship

Within Rich Inc, you can also get a taste the world of high-end dating. As your character’s status and wealth increase, so will their appeal for potential companions.

You have the option of choosing from several options for girlfriends that have distinct personalities and passions. Develop a romantic bond with them by taking them on extravagant dates and purchasing gifts for them.

rich inc mod apk 2022
rich inc mod apk 2022

Remember, being successful in love requires planning and work. Make sure that your girlfriend is content through spending quality time together, and keeping open communications. Be on guard for possible rivals that might try to take your girl from you.

Other features Other Features Rich Inc APK

  • Become a Capitalist. This game is about earning money. It doesn’t matter what you make it happen, you just need to make sure your net worth keeps growing up and up.
  • Create Friends & Allies. Networking is essential in the world of business and forming connections can be beneficial for reaching the top of the corporate ladder, or getting insider info.
  • Live the high life. As your character gets richer you can lead an extravagant lifestyle and luxury. Spend money on luxurious goods or go on exotic trips and enjoy living in the luxurious lifestyle.
  • You can compete with rivals. In today’s competitive business environment there is a tendency for rival businesses to attempt to undermine one another. Be on the lookout for any competitors trying to take you down, and fight back against their schemes.
  • Take control of your health and happiness. Achieving a balance between the demands of work and family life is essential to achieve the success of. Keep your personality well-nourished and content by exercising as much as you can, sleeping well as well as taking breaks during work.
  • Basic Game Controls & Intuitive interface. The game comes with extremely easy controls and an easy-to-use interface, which makes it suitable to players of all levels. It is not difficult in learning to play and play the game.
rich inc apk
rich inc apk
  • Gorgeous Graphics. The graphics of this game are breathtaking and take players into the world of luxury of a highly successful CEO. It will be awe-inspiring to see every detail in the game including expensive cars and lavish residences.
  • Make a bet on the Future. When playing this game, it is important to think carefully and make wise investment decisions to ensure you’ll be successful. This can include investing in real estate, stocks and other lucrative ventures.

Rich Inc MOD APK Download

Rich Inc MOD APK Unlimited Money version lets you begin with a huge amount of money. This will give you an advantage in building your business empire to become the most successful business entrepreneur.

Furthermore it is worth noting that it is also worth noting that the Rich Inc MOD APK for Android devices will remove ads to provide the most seamless gaming experience. Install it now and begin living the life you’ve always dreamed of as a successful CEO.


Rich Inc is a thrilling simulation game that lets players to take on the high stakes business world. As you progress through the ranks, establish your business empire, and enjoy the life of luxury in this captivating game.

You can also purchase the MOD version to enjoy unlimited cash and ads-free gaming. This will give you a more fun experience as you ascend the corporate ladder to become an effective CEO.

What's new

In this update:
- The new tutorial will make the game easier for new players.
- You can make a deposit on different terms.
- Bug fixes.

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