Soccer Super Star Mod APK 0.1.52 (Unlimited Rewind, No Ads)

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Play the brand new football game Soccer Super Star and enjoy real run-time and kick physics for an immersive and legendary football experience!
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Nov 2, 2022
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Information About Soccer Super Star

Download Soccer Super Star Mod APK (Unlimited Rewind, No Ads): Are you a fan of football and frustrated by the lack of quality soccer matches? Are you looking to test the management of professional players but haven’t found the best game? You should look no further than Soccer Super Star for Android.

This unique soccer game lets you have complete control, but without the hassles. You’ll be able to manage the lineups of your team financials, lineups, and even your game strategy. You can also complete all of this offline.

soccer superstar mod apk
soccer superstar mod apk

That’s right. When you play Soccer Super Star, you do not require an internet connection in order to have an enjoyable time. It means that you can take your team wherever you want regardless of whether you’re riding your bus, or in the desert. What do you have to be waiting for? Now is the time to get on the action on Soccer Super Star.

The reason Soccer Super Star APK Is different

Contrary to other soccer games Soccer Super Star puts you in control. You’ll be managing your team as an actual boss or coach. This means you’ll have to make decisions on all aspects of player contract to game strategy.

It’s your responsibility to create the best team that you can and lead them to success. Don’t be worried – you’ll be able to find lots of top-quality players. By using Soccer Super Star, you can build an unstoppable world class team.

Furthermore, the graphics are extremely real. You’ll feel as if you’re in the largest stadiums in the world, cheering for your team of choice. If you’re a fervent soccer fan or just a novice you’ll be impressed by the attention to detail that is present in Soccer Super Star.

How do I Play Soccer Super Star

The game is simple to master However, it is difficult to master. It starts by selecting your team and creating your roster. After that, you’ll shift to managing your finances and establishing teams.

While playing, you’ll be making real-time choices about everything from substitutions to strategies. It’s your responsibility to create a winning game plan and then execute it perfectly.

download soccer superstar mod apk
download soccer superstar mod apk

Do not be too comfortable. The battle within Soccer Super Star is fierce. It is essential to constantly be striving to make your team better for a chance to remain on top.

However, the rewards will keep you going. The game comes with an incredible assortment of prizes, including cash, player contracts and many more. In Soccer Super Star, the possibilities are endless.

Highly Innovative Gameplay

Anyone who is playing the initial levels of this game could be at a loss to expect much in the way of gameplay. However, the game’s designers have been able to implement some important changes to game’s gameplay when you progress up to the next level.

As you advance in your career, you’ll need to think creatively when it comes to bending shots and breaking defense lines. This requires high-level strategy and the ability to use your fingers effectively. This game is sure to keep your entertained for hours while you try to reach higher levels.

The mobility freedom in this game is remarkable. There are no restrictions by imaginary lines and you are able to explore the entire field in search of chances to make a score. However you go about it, make sure that you are able to penetrate the defense with powerful shots.

Simple Controls and Uncomplicated Menus

The controls in the game are fairly easy to master, and anyone can master them in just a few hours. The game is all about shooting. You move your finger across the screen in order to direct your shots. You can also add the spin by shifting your fingers in different directions before you take the shot.

download soccer superstar mod apk versi terbaru
download soccer superstar mod apk versi terbaru

The menus are simple, and you should not have any issues navigating through them. The game gives you the chance to enhance the team you play with as time goes by. it is accomplished through the game’s in-game store.

Other Game Features

  • real-life stadiums. This game features some of the most famous soccer stadiums around the globe. The well-marked tuff as well as the enthusiastic crowd will raise your spirits when you play. Furthermore, the players look authentic, greatly improving the game experience.
  • Multiple camera angles. The game provides various camera angles allow you to see the action. You can alter the angle of your camera to gain the best perspective of the field and to make better informed choices.
  • Unlimited options for customization. You can design customized teams and players to bring a personal touch the game. The editing options are amazing and you can create some truly unique concepts.
  • A smooth game. This game is focused on timing and finger skill. The developers have designed a smooth and responsive gaming experience. The controls are extremely responsive, and you’ll not feel any delay.
  • Weekly Tournaments. There are regular tournaments participants can join to take home prizes. These tournaments are the ideal opportunity to test your skill in competition with others.
  • Accurate Ball Physics. This game includes real-life ball Physics. The ball moves exactly as it would in real. It is necessary to use a certain angle and force whenever you want it to bend and circumvent defense.
soccer superstar mod apk unlimited money and gems
soccer superstar mod apk unlimited money and gems

  • Advanced AI. The AI that is used in the game is very sophisticated and can provide a unique challenge even for the most skilled players. The AI is able to swiftly adjust to your style of play and will provide a new experience every moment you are playing.
  • Game Store ($4.99 per item). The store has a variety of products that you can utilize to enhance the team’s performance. It is possible to purchase players contracts, cash, and other items that provide you with an advantage over the other teams. Prices are high, but the goods are worth the cost.

Soccer Super Star MOD APK Download

This Soccer Super Star MOD APK unlimited gems and money version has been updated to include every feature and advantages of the top game. You can shop in the game store to purchase anything you desire without having to spend real money.

Furthermore it is worth noting that it is worth noting that Soccer Super Star MOD APK 2022 is completely free of ads. You can concentrate on making the shots you need to and score goals. This increases the immersion of the game which will ensure you are having fun playing.


Soccer Super Star is an amazing soccer game that features basic controls, sophisticated AI and realistic ball physical physics. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is fluid. You can play regular tournaments and earn prizes.

It is also possible to download Soccer Super Star MOD APK for Android to experience all of the features that are premium without spending cash. The MOD is free of ads and offers unlimited resources.

What's new

* Optimize UI and graphics.
* Fix some bugs.


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