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The longest answer wins! Answer each question with the longest answer you can think of to build your tower and escape the rising waters! Text or Die is a typing game with a twist: you need to outlast your opponents and avoid getting eaten! This texting game has tons of brain-teasing and addicting typing practice!
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Rollic Games
Nov 03, 2022
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About Text or Die

Download Text or Die Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Gems, No Ads): Text the correct answer to the Text or Die trivia game from Rollic Games and you can escape death by man-eating Sharks. The game requires that you answer all questions correctly. You will be able to raise your head above the shark-infested waters if you give the longest answer. You risk drowning or being eaten by sharks if you answer too quickly. This game is a great game with lots of engaging activities. It’s a must-play for over 500,000 gamers worldwide.

text or die mod apk
text or die mod apk

This game’s main challenge is to answer correctly with the longest answers. To build your tower and escape the rising waters of the sharks, you must respond correctly! To avoid being eaten, you must outlast your opponents! Text or Die tests your knowledge in an effort to survive the rising waters. Despite the pressure to escape these scary waters, remember that the winner is the one who has written the longest answer and used the most letters.

The Longest Answer is Your Saver From Sharks

Save yourself from being eaten by large sharks and drowning by writing the longest answer. The game is set in vast oceanic waters. The platform is made up of blocks that are floating in the water. Each block is a letter that you use to answer the question. The more letters you use to answer the question, the higher your score will be.

text or die mod apk
text or die mod apk

Misspelled or incorrect answers will not increase your score nor remove you from the water. This means that the platform doesn’t grow. If the water level reaches the player, the shark will devour them and they will be eliminated. These questions are related to different topics, but they all concern life, such as presidents of the United States and planets in the Solar System, colors of rainbows, farm animals names, and other general subjects. To beat the other players, it is best to take a moment to consider the correct answer. Save yourself from sharks and download the game now. Type the longest answer.

Text and Die Game Features

This game is addictive. You will be awake at night because of the constant attempt to save your character from being drowned or eaten by sharks. These are just a few of the many features that make this game so interesting.

A Competitive, Yet Interesting Gameplay – The game takes place in vast ocean waters filled with man-eating sharks. It is interesting that characters must save themselves from sharks by completing a race of longest answers. You must remember that the water is rising all the time and you have to make sure you don’t drown by entering the correct answer. You can avoid drowning and give yourself a meal with the sharks by answering the questions correctly. You will not sink if you answer the easy questions.

text or die mod apk
text or die mod apk

You will be asked to name an animal starting with the letter “c”, name a country, name red fruits, name a planet, and name a precious gemstone. You will play against other players. If the opponent cannot keep up with the exciting gameplay, they will drown and be eaten by sharks.

Various Tournaments – This game will keep you hooked with addictive gameplay and different levels of tournaments. Each one presents different challenges. Your task is to understand the simplest aspects of life, such as names of animals and countries or what we eat.

Some players will fail because the game tests your knowledge in various areas. You will need to be able to answer the various questions in the game. The developer is fair enough to give you a hint if you don’t really know the answer. This will allow you to stimulate your mind and help you find the right answer. Play the game now to face other players from around the globe!

text or die mod apk
text or die mod apk

Test your Skills – Get a chance to get answers from all aspects of life. To avoid being swept away by the many sharks, there are both simple and difficult questions you need to answer. You will need to answer questions such as naming a boy starting with the letter A, naming the US state, naming the planet, and naming an animal that begins with the letter C.

It is possible to be asked to name any country in Africa, a gaming console or other items. You will be able to answer correctly and rise above the water, and you won’t be eaten. If all your opponents give incorrect answers, you will win the game and be eaten by the sharks.

text or die mod apk
text or die mod apk

Unlimited money – Earn bonuses and unlimited gold coins for every level you complete. For surviving the difficult question and persevering, you are rewarded with special’survived” bonus coins. You can also earn unlimited gold coins just by watching ad videos. You can unlock VIP items, skins and levels with various challenges by collecting rewards.

Download Text or Die Mod APK Unlimited Money and Skins

You can win unlimited money by completing various tournaments in Text or Die Mod APK. Enjoy the game like a pro by unlocking VIP items!

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