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Upgrade and build up your town’s defenses to survive against both the living and the dead. Explore the world of The Walking Dead and recruit iconic comic book characters such as Negan, Rick and many more.
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About The Walking Dead Survivors

Download The Walking Dead Survivors Mod APK (unlimited rubies) free shopping, unlimited money and gems: The Walking Dead series is one of the most popular shows to earn the top spot in terms of revenue all time. It’s based on a popular comic with the same name. The TV show is currently has 10 seasons that began in the year the year 2010. If you’re a big enthusiast of the series, you must play The Walking Dead Survivors now! It’s a strategy-based survival game that features people from the show as well as several survival elements.

download the walking dead survivors apk for android
download the walking dead survivors apk for android

It’s a mobile game in which you must constantly be able to survive as the world is infested with Walkers and zombies. You’ll have to find and construct the foundation to defend yourself from zombies. The story follows the journey of a man struggling to live. You will get to meet the iconic character from the series, such as Rick, Glenn and Michonne. Try to collect the most survivors you can while fighting off hordes zombies!

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

If you’ve been watching TV shows and films over the last several years, you’ll see that many of them feature zombies. It’s become the norm throughout the years, just like mobile games. However, if you’re searching for a mobile game that is based on a popular TV zombie show, then you’re fortunate! The Walking Dead Survivors is an action game that is basing itself on the popular show The Walking Dead. While there are official games based on the show however, this is different.

the walking dead survivors mod apk
the walking dead survivors mod apk

In this episode, you’ll follow the story of a normal survivor as he tries finding other survivors he can come across. Although you’ll not be playing the role of a famous character on this show, you’ll get to meet some of them. There will be times when you’ll come across Rick, Glenn and Michonne when you meet other survivors. In addition you’ll also lead the survivors since you’re the one in charge of planning all things. You’ll then have to travel through uncharted terrain as well as fight walkers, search for survivors and then build camps. Also, you’ll need to watch out for the other players as they may hit you with a backstab!

The Walking Dead Survivors Capabilities

Do you like fighting zombies? And surviving? The Walking Dead Survivors is a great game for you. The Walking Dead Survivors, you’ll take on walkers, discover others who survived, and meet famous characters.

Explore unexplored locations –There exist the official The Walking Dead games today which are available to play. However, the only disadvantage is that they’re entirely narrative-based, and are very identical to the popular show. If you’re looking to participate in a multiplayer game, The Walking Dead Survivors is the perfect game. You’ll be required to travel to uncharted areas to find survival gear as well as survivors. There are many diverse locations you can explore and collect loot. The most important thing is to construct your own home base that is safe from Walkers.

the walking dead survivors apk latest version
the walking dead survivors apk latest version

Fighting Walkers –If you’ve ever watched the series, then you’ll notice that they refer to them as zombies Walkers. They’re described as slow-moving creatures that devour the flesh of any living and transform them into zombies. In the game, you’ll come across many Walkers particularly when you travel into uncharted lands. You’ll also encounter a lot of Walkers around your base trying to take it. If you have walls and fortifications you could build an effective defense. If things escalate then you’ll have to take on the zombies in a group and keep out of danger. These creatures are extremely dangerous, and you’ll have to eliminate quickly to prevent the possibility of causing injury to your friends. If you can it’s best to avoid any contact with them!

Find Survivors –One one of your objectives in The Walking Dead Survivors is to find survivors. Radio is a great tool to search for survivors and invite them to your team. The more people with you that you have, the better your chances to fight off zombies! But, be aware that there are people who could threaten the entire group. Make sure you choose your allies wisely since you don’t know when someone might turn against you! In every circumstance it is your duty to save the survivors!

the walking dead survivors apk free download
the walking dead survivors apk free download

Make a camp as well as an entire family – The most crucial factor to be secured early the camp you’ve built. This is where you’ll need to build your camp slowly with the assistance from other survivors. As you gradually increase your the number of people you can count on your camp will slowly grow as well. You should try to build various structures that can enable you to become self-sufficient like clinics, farms houses, and clinics.

Graphics based on stories –The Walking Dead Survivors is a game played vertically which lets you view the game from the top view.

Download The Walking Dead Survivors Mod APK – Unlimited money

If you’re hoping to be able to survive the zombie apocalypse Download The Walking Dead Survivors Mod APK right now and play!

What's new

1. Fine-tuned the Registration Period and Battlefield Entry Time of "Survivors At War" 2. The Recruits System Will be Available in All Regions 3. Now after healing Wounded Fighters in Hospitals, the "Help" button will pop-up first followed by the "Speed Up" Option 4. Fixed Known Issues 5. Last One Standing


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