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Can you build and manage a weapon shop? Are you ready to become the Weapon Master?
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Mille Crepe Studios
Nov 7, 2022
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About Weapon Master 3D

Mille Crepe Studios offers Weapon Master 3D APK, a strategy game. This strategy game tests your ability consolidate weapons and assemble warriors to defeat fierce enemies.

Your goal in this game is to grow your weapon shop and make it one of the top in the country. You will need to manage stock, hire workers, train them and make quality weapons.

Weapon Master 3D mod apk
Weapon Master 3D mod apk

You should also recruit heroes to challenge powerful bosses. These battles are fast-paced and will require strategy and tactics to win. Download Weapon Master Mod 3D APK Android for adrenaline-pumping adventure. It weighs in at approximately 76MB, and is compatible with Android 5.0+ OS.

Memorable Strategy & Battle Gameplay

This is more than just fighting and winning. It’s about the journey to become the greatest weapon master.

It’s a simple story, but it’s very engaging. As an apprentice, you start in a small weapons shop. You can grow your business by working hard and producing high-quality weapons.

Other characters will also be available for you to interact with, which can help you on your way to becoming the ultimate fighter. The artwork in the game is vibrant and appealing to the eyes.

Weapon Master 3D mod apk download
Weapon Master 3D mod apk download

Weapon Master 3D is a fun and enjoyable game. Two main gameplay elements are weapon production and boss fights.

You will need to manage your resources, stock, and workers in order to produce weapons. To sell your weapons, you will also need to start and run a shop. You’ll make a lot of money this way and it will be a huge help to your game.

Once you have enough weapons you can start to equip your troops and prepare them for boss battles. These are turn-based real time strategy (RTS), fights. To win, you’ll need to strategically position your heroes and make use of their skills.

Special items can be used during battle. There are four types of special items. Each has a unique purpose. You can use them when you need them to change the tide of battle in favor of your side.

Collect Production Materials and Other Gifts

As we mentioned, opening and managing a weapon shop is part of the game. You will need raw materials to make the weapon shop.

These materials can be found by exploring the different locations on the map. You can also open treasure chests to obtain rare items. Other gifts will also be available that will help you progress faster in the game.

Weapon Master 3D mod apk unlimited money
Weapon Master 3D mod apk unlimited money

Some of these gifts are only available to those who complete missions. To avoid missing out on any rewards, you will need to be active in order to complete missions quickly.

Be creative!

It is not an easy path to become a Weapon Master. It will take dedication and long hours. To stay ahead of your competition, you will need to be innovative in your weapon designs.

You can express your creativity through customizing your weapons. To create an original and fashionable weapon, you can choose from a variety of materials and shapes.

Weapon Master 3D mod apk latest version
Weapon Master 3D mod apk latest version

Every weapon you make is important. These weapons are more than just for show. They have a huge impact on gameplay. Every weapon has its own stats, which make them more or less effective in battle. To ensure victory, you need to be smart about your choices.

Upgrade your weapon’s stats to increase their effectiveness. You will need certain materials to do this. These materials can be found through the map or by obtaining battle rewards. To ensure a steady supply, make sure you go on expeditions frequently.

This is just the tip. Weapon Master 3D has so many more features. Get it now to start your journey towards becoming the best battle strategist and weaponry designer!

Continue to Expand Your Shop

You will need to expand your shop as your business grows. This allows you to serve more customers and sell more weapons.

Your shop can be expanded by adding rooms or upgrading the ones you already have. Each room serves a purpose.

Strategic planning is also important when expanding. Each room is expensive and takes time. To make the most of your resources, plan well.

Unlock New Heroes

You will need to unlock new heroes if you want to make rapid progress in Weapon Master 3D. These heroes will assist you in battle as well as making your shop more efficient.

Weapon Master 3D mod apk for android
Weapon Master 3D mod apk for android

You must complete a mission in order to unlock a hero. After completing the mission, the hero will be added in your roster and available for future battles.

Weapon Master 3D also has other unique features

  • Simple controls This game was designed for touch-screen devices. The touch controls are responsive and intuitive. It will be easy to control your heroes and manage your shop.
  • High Quality Graphics. Weapon Master 3D has high-quality graphics that will immerse players in the game’s world. All characters, weapons, and environments are realistically created and can be used on a variety of devices.
  • Developers regularly release updates to improve the game’s performance and add new content. By keeping your game current, you can be certain to always enjoy the most recent features.
  • You can become rich selling weapons. This money can be used to buy new materials and upgrade your shop.
Weapon Master 3D mod apk for android
Weapon Master 3D mod apk 2022

  • Intense Combat. This game is full of intense, turn-based combat battles. To defeat powerful enemies and be the ultimate weapon master, you must use all of your skills!
  • Hypnotic Sound Systems. This video game has amazing background music and sound effects. You will be entertained throughout the game by the upbeat music.

Weapon Master 3D MOD APK download

This modifies the Weapon Master 3D MOD APK Android. This mod allows players unlimited money to buy new weapons or materials.

This Weapon Master MOD APK unlimited money will allow you to quickly upgrade your shop and make yourself the best weapon master in the entire game. This money can also be used to purchase new heroes, which will make your shop more efficient.

The Weapon Master 3D MOD APK 20022 menu is simple. It was created with beginners in mind so that it is easy to use.


Weapon Master 3D is a dual-playing game where you must manage your weapon inventory and take part in battles. It features intuitive controls, stunning graphics, and an immersive soundtrack. The Weapon Master 3D MOD APK can be used for unlimited money.

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- The new skin panel is online, go and choose your favorite skin
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